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  1. DarkMajor21

    Adding new units to C&C Zero Hour

    Wait how do I use the modunits.ini to make it buildable?
  2. DarkMajor21

    Adding new units to C&C Zero Hour

    Man thank you so much for helping me I have no way to express my thanks! So you just want me to add the text you posted into and INI file?
  3. Yes I would like a tutorial for adding new units. Thank you very much Wolf!
  4. Can this be done with Tibedit 2? Also is it possible to add units using this method?
  5. Okay I need help with tib edit 2 I just want to add new units I do not care about skins or any of that just how to duplicate a unit and make it trainable in a skirmish battle. P.S I am pretty confident I can figure the rest out when I make the unit usable. Any help appreciated
  6. Hey why can't I post on any topics I just have a quick question about modding?

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      You haven't activated your account fully. Check your email for the activation link.

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      Yeah your still in the Validating group. As Plokite_Wolf said check you email for details to validate your forum account. Once that's done your free to post. If you didn't get the validation email let me know and I'll manually validate you.

    3. DarkMajor21


      Okay I guess I clicked the wrong link my bad!