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  1. Just a heads up. edit: I meant "games" whoops
  2. http://www.ea.com/tiberium-alliances New MMO/Free to play title from EA, so far its in beta... (sorry if its in the wrong section, idk where to put it)
  3. Maybe its the reason for the 2013 date, trying to get full tools to the modding community.
  4. Im glad its 2013...gives me time to save some money and full build my own pc system Edit: Looking at this game...it looks like BF3 from a top-down perspective
  5. Well the VGAs just showed an extra 10 seconds and its official....still woah...
  6. So that's what the Facebook status probably meant...the cat is out of the bag
  7. go to www.generals2.com surprise!
  8. The green trucks look similar to this...hmmmmm Russian equipment... Pantsyr-S1 SA-22 Greyhound 96K6
  9. noxbox


    Hello, I finally decided to join the forums, well yeah there isn't much to say, so hi
  10. Hi first time posting, long time follower, these rumors got me to finally join. http://aboutus.ea.co...nylabels.action New Bioware label. Either its a very brand new studio or Victory Games, although knowing EA its probably a re-branding of an existing studio. Oh btw, here's a cached version of that LinkedIn Profile that fuels the whole Bioware/VG. http://webcache.goog...bioware&ct=clnk Now I agree with Sonic, its too early to tell but this totally beats not having C&C news in awhile. EDIT: The cache version of the LinkedIn Profile has been deleted but now IGN is getting into this http://games.ign.com/articles/121/1213223p1.html