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  1. Any changes made manually or with Tibed do not apply to savegames. The save also saves the code used. You say you added a dollar? do you mean you got Cost=25$ because it should be just Cost=25 Also make sure the directory is right. Then use "import current changes" right beneath save as. and then do the editing. If that still does not work out use Export to let all the INI be saved on a place you like, take a look at the sandbags code and if its right put that INI into your TS directory. I am sure you made a mistake somewhere because it worked out for me on WIN7 pc an xp pc and an Win2000 pc. Worst case its hardcoded then just clone it and name it Sandbags2 and the hardcoding should be gone. IMO
  2. OK i got it worked out this is how: convert into wave .wav format. then open mix editor right click the file and use copy as aud. in your xcc utilities folder you can find the aud file. follow the tutorial above and you got it working without winamp and plug ins and codecs just a converter that makes wav files.
  3. I am desperately looking for a way to convert sound files, right now they are mp3, into aud so I can use them in TS. I have read the tutorial on ppm but its rather unhelpful since he speaks about some plug in http://www.ppmsite.c...opic.php?t=4040 without specifying so I guess this one will do http://www.ppmsite.c...pic.php?t=13244 As cheap as it sounds i'd prefer someone i could mail those sound files and he could send me them back as aud. Any recommended programm or online service WITH WORKING LINK is appreciated. In fact any help here at all is. I also failed finding where I set winamp to output as aud or how to output at all. i can send it to the converter but it doesn't have aud there to select.
  4. Orange

    Modern Warfare 3 more popular than Avatar?

    mw3 also sells better than bf3 despite their enormous pr effort. mw3 isn't short, the campaign may only be 5/6 hours but the spec ops and survival has to count as well. this is also where mw3 beats bf3, its singleplayer is larger and there are much more game modes. i still remember the interview with a bf3 developer claiming its campaign would be larger than mw3's and endure about 10 hours
  5. Orange

    about TS using aifs.ini

    thanks i have meanwhile read the tutorial on PPM and half of their entire forum. now i think my question was really stupid should have done more research. i apologize.
  6. Orange

    about TS using aifs.ini

    after i runned TS with the new aifs it isn't in the directory anymore or all stats changed back to default. to test i made another one where i included nothing new and just doubled the unit amount e.g. 6,SONIC 8,TTNK etc. how do i create expand02.mix? sry couldn't find it out with xcc editor, stupid stupid me.
  7. Its me again and i come with a new question. I made a aifs.ini with new teams including the new units but can't get the game to use the new aifs.ini and failed inserting it into expand01.mix. The aifs.ini should be error free, all i did was edit the team load out as in: [096473E0-G] Name=3 disruptors 0=3,SONIC 1=3,MutantMilitia 2=3,MutantSergeantGDI 3=3,MutantShtgn <-- used the identifier Group=-1 also can i edit the clean firestorm ini within a mix with xcc editor to just copy paste my changes? finally will tibed use my ini or overwrite it with its own default when applying a tibed mod and if not can i just save the tibed mod in something else than a tib file and how?
  8. Its alright, I understood, you can now proceed with this thread as you want.
  9. Orange

    Homing Artillery TS

    I copy/paste the Retro stats from its rules.ini into mine, Artillery is now accurate with: [ballistic] High=yes Image=120MM Arcing=true Inaccurate=yes
  10. Orange

    Homing Artillery TS

    my artillery keeps missing moving targets, how can you edit it to behave as in unpatched TS? *edit: when i change ROT for the projectile Ballistic from 0 to anything else the artillery can't fire anymore. tried this on a clean INI.
  11. look, xcc mixer is a lot more time consuming and complicated for me, this may not be the case for experienced people but for me it is. neither will I Invest a lot of time into learning how to use other tools for such trivial creations for a small mod for a fairly dead game. I noticed the "Import XIF unit... (created with xcc mixer)" button, is it of any use?
  12. tibed can load INIs can it also save the changes as an INI? then how about including afterwards some retro units with xcc mixer?
  13. I see, I will move over to the good old tiberian sun then. I am still interested into mods compatible with TibEd, couldn't spot any so far tough. Same with ways to edit mods with TibEd, maybe there is someone knowing something. The changes i want to make are quite minor, TibEd is able to do them, would have been nice to have the Retro or some mod content too. @Plokite_Wolf The mods i am working on will go public using TibEd . Thanks for the advice but I'm unskilled so XCC Mixer isn't an option for me.
  14. Hi, I would like to ask how you edit an already modified TS (and RA2 YR) using TibEd. I am working on Sub Mods on the base of the Retro mod and thats what i tried out so far. - Selected TS FS english in TibEd launcher, worked for the cameos but all other Retro content is not showing. - used the "Import" feature. leads to crash and/or runtime errors depending on what you import. I am using the free TS which can be downloaded, I own both TFD and Tiberian Sun so i could change over to one of them if it helps. While i prefer the Retro mod as base i would switch to an other TibEd compatible mod if needed. If it has any influence i am using a 64-bit win7 but i could change to another pc using xp. I plan to create Sub mods for modded RA2 YR as well, info on how to edit that using TibEd is very appreciated. thank you in advance and a big thank you for TibEd, a very helpful and accessible tool. Orange