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  1. They better hurry up I am 30 and I can't wait forever for a new CNC. Oh and I don't play games on my device that's for work, nothing to see here.
  2. old wolfy get your bangers out for acknowledgement son

  3. HAHA I am seeing alot of generalisations and not any facts. Everyone prefers singleplayer and that's why after all the feasibility studies and business studies EA are making Generals an ONLINE ONLY GAME. Anyone MP is all the matters, It's a MP game Suffer.
  4. I like the fact it looks like the Generals have personality's! It works Tanya had a great personality so did Yuri!
  5. No one cares about campaigns just a few whingers who want to play the game for a day or two and give it up. Only the double digit IQS could actually enjoy playing against a programmed CPU when intelligent human beings are out there to play again! Multiplayer is the money, Multiplayer is the support. MULTIPLAYER IS THE GAME backed by EA!
  6. At some point they do have to make money though lol. Tiberium Alliances isn't pay to win and I've never payed a cent dont see how this is good for them.
  7. This post on the official CNC facebook page got me thinking do you guys own any special/rare CNC items? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151349067652290&set=a.10151341364787290.495132.85805997289&type=1&theater Me? Not really special edition of generals, and Red Alert 3 other than that nothing! I'd like a big huge detailed model of the Boomer submarine from RA2 in my room though!
  8. I am ranked 220 on server World Europe 37 but god I am SO BORED OF IT I just jointed the Ghost Division which is the second best clan and I am still not excited, at the moment it's all out war...for the last 3 months it's been pretty much nothing I can barely be bothered logging in let alone playing along with the politics. I login every 5 days destroy whoever is near me upgrade and then leave it again...just bored of it I guess. I notice alot of people who's bases are left in dismay they are probably bored of it too.
  9. Been checking my email everyday for my exclusive beta invitation...nothing's arrived yet. I bought the ultimate edition purely for the BETA key.
  10. Typhoon101

    Rise of the Reds - Vengeance Unleashed

    Is there many people on Rise of the Reds? I was on ZH the other day and there were 10 people online.
  11. Ah that sounds alright, the switcher I suggust would be must.
  12. How does alll this actually work? I play ZH and install this mod and then what though?
  13. LONG OVERDUE IMO, train on the way to work I'm always desperate to logon but of course their is no app, hope they make it Android based too.
  14. Invalid serial for Zero Hour & for Generals 2. Log on in brings up my old accounts briefly before booting me off with 'invalid serial' Trailers and extra stuff... trailers stuff we've seen on youtube and Wallpapers 80% of the images on google images. Starting to get mad and disappointed. Well this is Freddy Krueger stuff I uninstalled the ultimate edition of Zero Hour and then install the first decade edition BOTH give me the same error. AND NOW I have to RE-DOWNLOAD Generals & Zero Hour from the Origin store to re-install them despite me downloading the games not 2 hours ago! Absolutely staggering you uninstall and have to re download!?! Online doesn't work!!!! the videos and special content are on youtube!!?!?! arh!!! Staggering, apparently you have to muck around in the registry to get the game online, just what everyone wants to do right!?! All the games dont work online, all are prone to random sporadic errors and all games have to be re-downloaded when they are uninstalled DOWNLOADED Zero Hour about 5x from Origin, giving up DO NOT BUY I feel like such a sucker worst $40 ever spent to be honest, I hate you you EA! This is so bad it's actually it's hurt my self-esteem I am stupid, I am dumb, I am a sucker you are free to laugh at me throw rotten fruit at me for even giving this a chance and half believing it's so bad I am humiliated I spent $40 of my hard earnt on it I really I am I should no better and alot of wiseheads here and elsewhere where skeptical but no dumb dumb went straight in because he's teenage fanboy hormones took over. They'll send it to my email I suppose. That's all I paid for.