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  1. Wow, I'm pretty surprised to see I'm the only one that thinks EA should just sell the CnC IP. I was expecting a lot more people to share that view.
  2. Didn't need confirmation; I trusted him on that part. Thanks though.
  3. I've read into as much as the comments for the posted blog that I could stomach. There's hardly enough information given at all for either side of the story. For someone who isn't a part of the drama, I don't have any sort of clear look as to why this happened or what happened that lead up to it. But after what I have seen, I can't say I'm impressed with the ways either party have actually handled this. And if you're just here to clear up issues (which is appreciated, actually. I am interested in knowing exactly what went on, but I would need to hear BOTH sides), it would be much more appreciated if the manner of which you did so wasn't so accusatory and apparently hostile (leaning more towards that second-to-last paragraph).
  4. Shouldn't stuff like that be backed up in offsite documents?
  5. I can see why you aren't bothered with it, but it's still the concept of what they just did, especially considering they hardly needed to do it. Even if the data I'm giving isn't something like my bank-account or credit card, I really don't like they idea that they're willing to just take that data and do what they want with it (note that I said willing).
  6. This is really unfortunate. I've had a lot of past experiences with forum communities splitting apart and starting their own thing, and all of this looks all too familiar. From what I can gather, things could have gone way better if both sides had done something different (I am of the opinion that nobody is without fault in many bad situations; anyone could have done something differently). In this case, BHP could have listened to their staff and community a little more with any of the issues that caused this schism, but W3D could have made a better effort to voice these concerns or make a difference to these problems (from what I've heard on both sides, not much of an effort was made). But stealing personal data to start your own forum and jacking the launcher? REALLY? Had they gone through the effort to just simply start their own forum and actually wrote the code for their own launcher I would've been like "Hey, you know they had some issues but they handled it in a mature way", but this all makes it kind of evident that we aren't dealing with a highly professional development community. I hope they can actually sort these things out; it's TOTALLY possible for both sides to swallow their pride and come to a compromise of sorts and come together as one community. But at the moment, I can't say I have intention of supporting W3D in anything they're doing, if for the only reason that there's no way I can trust them with my personal data after this.
  7. To be honest, this looks like a bad photoshop job. I would say it's meant to be a prank; but the receiving audience for this joke isn't quite large enough to warrant a big hilarious reaction. I'd like to see some proper sources (like who made this image; if it really came form Bungie) before I jump to other conclusions.
  8. DVD Player

    RA2 Intel HD 3000 problem

    So the three-desktop thing worked. It fixed both RA2 and Tib-Sun for me. This is totally weird and I have no idea why; but I'm okay with this. Thanks so much for the help, you guys!
  9. You can probably already tell from the title the stupidity of this problem. For those of you who don't know: this problem is where you launch RA2/Yuri's Revenge, and the game's intro videos only show a black screen. Beyond this, the menu only works if you refresh it yourself by alt-tabbing and going back in. I have yet to find a solution for this problem. It seems that every forum topic, every troubleshoot question, has one possible solution that the topic's author goes "Hey works great, thanks!" to, only to be followed by a billion "That didn't work at all..." I have tried everything short of buying a new computer with no intel graphics components of any kind. And yes, I have tried this: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/172813-black-screen-no-menus-showing-in-red-alert-2/. I've tried multiple downloads and fixes, and nothing has worked. So please, if you know for certain that this problem has never;, and will never be fixed universally, please tell me to give up and I can get on with my life. If you aware of a fix that either worked for you, or a friend, then please tell me. And don't suggest the above option, cause I've tried that and any sort of solution similar to it ends up messing things up on my desktop. A quick reply would be appreciated; I would love to put this to rest after the solid year of trying to fix this.