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  1. The only way to change the mod is to contact the creator of that mod and ask him for the mod's source files. All modder should provide the source files since it is so hard to extract what you need to change them.
  2. My mod is almost finished but I have a weird problem. For some reason the Nod can change player colors but the GDI not only won't change but it stays locked at yellow. I haven't messed with the player colors for about 2 months so I know I didn't do anything to the code there. I even removed the edited player colors and left the vanilla one and even still the GDI won't change its color.
  3. adamstrange

    mixing two mods together

    Hey...Hey,wait a minute Lauren. I'm not the one who's scaring anyone away. The fact remains that there has been more tutorials and help for Generals/ZH than the games after it and that I've read from other players at other forums on the difficulties of modding these games. Also it doesn't help that dodgevipergts asked how to combine 2 mods but no one gave him any help on how to go about doing it. I've downloaded models for games like Supreme Commander and Generals/ZH and the downloads came with README files on how to get the units into the game but with this game, the units that I downloaded like the Titan from one person, assumed that you new how to do it,nor would he explain to me how to do it rather than just take 5 minutes to just write how to put the units into the game. I did though get the unit into the game because another player at another site told me how to do it. Another thing is that I would like you to point out when did I complain to the The Forgotten team or the MEC2 because that's one that I really don't remember doing. Then it would be nice if you guys wrote some tutorials on how to do it because I have the program and I can't figure out how to use it..
  4. adamstrange

    mixing two mods together

    It seems that you're not going to get much help on this forum, either because there are not many modders for this game or simply because those who know how to do it just don't care to tell you how to do it. You see that what totally sucks about all the versions of C&C after Generals/ZH is that they made the game incredibly hard to mod because you need all these different programs to do what could have been done in Generals/ZH with just notepad. A perfect example is when you try to resize a unit. In Generals/ZH or you had to do was add 2 or 3 lines of very small simple code and your unit was resized but with games like TW you need a separate program to do it and then you have to figure out how to use it. The main problem about these later games is that they're in no way to change somebodies mod because the mods are encrypted and unless they are willing to also release the source codes along with their mod then you can't make any changes. The only modder who has done this is the creator of Kane's Wrath Reloaded for TW. If you do build this mod then let me know because I would love to play it. I will tell you this...if you play Homeworld 2 then your going to get a ton of help creating mods compared to this game and forum. I've gotten very little help here except for Lauren and 1 or 2 other persons and that's it. Just look at all my unanswered posts.
  5. How do I change sounds like tank firing its weapons and when they explode ?
  6. I've been trying to get the NOD to have reinforcements just like the GDI but it's not working. Added to Nod Hangar <OCLSpecialPower id="ModuleTag_CallSupportStyka" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerCallSupportStyka" TriggerFX="FX_GDICallForTransportFlare" OCL="OCL_CallSupportStyka" CreateLocation="CREATE_AT_EDGE_NEAR_SOURCE" /> <AISpecialPowerUpdate id="ModuleTag_CommandPostCallStykaAI" CommandButtonName="Command_CommandPostCallStyka" ReinforceDistance="300.0" SpecialPowerRadius="300.0" SpecialPowerAIType="SPECIAL_POWER_REINFORCEMENT" /> Added to ObjectCreation List <ObjectCreationList id="OCL_CallSupportStyka"> <CreateObject Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS DONT_SET_PRODUCER ISSUE_MOVE_AFTER_CREATION MOVE_USES_EVACUATE_AND_EXIT MOVE_TARGET_USES_OFFSET" Disposition="LIKE_EXISTING"> <Offset x="42" y="42" z="100"></Offset> <CreateObject>NODInfantryCarryall</CreateObject> </CreateObject> <CreateObject Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS DONT_SET_PRODUCER ISSUE_MOVE_AFTER_CREATION MOVE_USES_EVACUATE_AND_EXIT MOVE_TARGET_USES_OFFSET" Disposition="LIKE_EXISTING"> <Offset x="42" y="202" z="-100"></Offset> <CreateObject>NODVehicleCarryall</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList> Added to Mod.XML <Include type="all" source="DATA:Military/data/NOD/NODCarryall.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="DATA:Military/data/NOD/NODInfantryCarryall.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="DATA:Military/data/NOD/NODVehicleCarryall.xml" /> Added to Logic Command <LogicCommand Type="SPECIAL_POWER" id="Command_CallSupportStyka"> <SpecialPower>SpecialPowerCallSupportStyka</SpecialPower> </LogicCommand> <LogicCommand Options="NEED_TARGET_POS" Type="SPECIAL_POWER" id="Command_CommandPostCallStyka"> <SpecialPower>SpecialPowerCallSupportStyka</SpecialPower> </LogicCommand> Added to Logic Command Set <LogicCommandSet id="NODHangarCommandSet"> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODVenom</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODVertigo</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODVertigoBombTa</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODVertigoVenta</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_CommandPostCallStyka</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_NODRecallAllAircraft</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_NODBurrowMines</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_TogglePower</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_SelfRepair</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_Sell</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_SetDefaultBuilding</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_SetRallyPoint_Aircraft</Cmd> </LogicCommandSet> Added to SpecialPowerTemplates <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPowerCallSupportStyka" Flags="NOT_CLIFF_CELL IS_PLAYER_POWER NO_FORBIDDEN_OBJECTS SHARED_SYNC" ReloadTime="180s" ForbiddenObjectRange="140" RadiusCursorRadius="140" TargetType="LOCATION" EvaEventToPlayWhenSelectingTarget="SelectSpecialPowerTarget" Money="-3000" InitiateAtLocationSound="GDI_Ox_VoiceReinforcements"> <ForbiddenObjectFilter Rule="ANY" Include="STRUCTURE" /> <GameDependency> <RequiredObject>NODHangar</RequiredObject> </GameDependency> </SpecialPowerTemplate> Now when I build the Nod Hangar the button to call in Reinforcements is not there and niether the AI will build the new Reinforcements. What am I missing or doing wrong ?
  7. Will there be an option to actually buy this game and to upgrade it with DLC ? Since this is a browser based game, can my ATI Radeon 4650 be able to play it ? Will there be any options to mod the game ? Does the game have a fog of war shroud ? [I really hate this]
  8. adamstrange

    No Base Defenses?

    Hmmm,seems that Gurella does build them...odd.
  9. Ok let me explain. I have a zip file and inside that are 2 folders called Compiled & Source. I don't need the Compiled because that contains the Titan as a mod and I just want to add the Titan into my mod. Inside the Source folder are 2 subfolders called 3DS [which I gather is for loading it into modeling program] & SDK. Inside the SDK folder is another folder called TitanMod which contains a data folder,which contains an INI folder,a folder called Titan,mod.str,Mod.xml,UnitAbilityButtonTemplate.xml,Version History & WarFactoryCommandSet. Now where do I put the Titan folder , UnitAbilityButtonTemplates.xml & the WarfactoryCommandset.xml because if I put it into my C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\MOD SDK\BuiltMods\mods folder with the then I get this error. Critical: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\MOD SDK\builtmods\mods\Military\data\mod.manifest" not found 1 file(s) copied. Manifest Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\MOD SDK\builtmods\mods\Military\data\mod.manifest LoD Stream Builder Manifest not found nd Critical: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\MOD SDK\builtmods\mods\Military\data\mod.manifest" not fou
  10. I read through this and I don't understand any of this. I just need to know where does the UnitAbilityButtonTemplate.xml ,the GDITitanSettings.xml & the GDITitanAttributeModifiers.xml go The rest I can put into the files that are already in the game.
  11. I have the source files to some units but I can't find any tutorial on where to put these files into my mod and none of them come with a readme that tells you how to install them. For instance instead of the normal APC /PITBULL reinforcement drop I created and predator tank drop which works. I then downloaded the Titan Source files from Thundermods and tried to replace the predator with the Titan but the unit never shows up under the Transports like the predator does. One of the readme's just says [It is assumed that you have a level of knowledge necessary to add this to your mod] Well no...not everyone knows how to do this so how much harder would it have been to just write where the files should go ? I don't know where these custom files are supposed to go.
  12. How do I set up structures so that when they are built, they also are built with defenses ? Like building a Nod Barracks that would also come with 2 or 3 Shredder turrets.
  13. Anyone know where I can download this model with the SRC code?
  14. adamstrange

    No Base Defenses?

    I tried it doing the same only with the [bALANCED] settings and I get the same results.
  15. adamstrange

    No Base Defenses?

    As I'm building my mod I noticed that when I tested it the AI did not build any Base Defenses. I thought that I was doing something wrong so I started the game and just selected to play the original unmodded game. I set up 5 sides 2 Steamroller Nods vs 2 Steamroller Gdi with starting resources at $10,000 and then I just sold my MCV so that I would be defeated and then just let the AI battle itself. During the battle I did not see not even one Base Defense unit built. I did this several times and with the same result. Is this some sort of bug or does the AI only build Base Defenses on certain maps or does it have to do with the amount of resources available on the map ?