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  1. I can see the CGF GDI Harvester changes. If you cannot remember what you did different for that Harvester (I do not mod Kane's Wrath, so the other faction harvesters do not matter), then I will have to make do with the smaller geometry settings.
  2. So he changed the geometry settings, makes sense... but you do not know what the 'other stuff' was? If you can let me know how to check out what CGF changed, that would help. The LUA sounds 'complicated'.
  3. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with a single AI harvester stalling, and that harvester causing a ripple effect were other harvesters cannot dock at a refinery (ie the circling the refinery issue). Obviously for a human player it is no big deal to fix, but for the AI it can easily cripple their economy. Note I am not talking about the Nod harvester stall issue.
  4. RA3 weapon code has quite a few fixes. It seems much better than C&C3 code.
  5. I have done lots of tests in the past, I was mainly wondering if anyone had come up with a solution.
  6. Thanks for your answer. Sadly it is not the cause!
  7. I was wondering if anyone has has any luck, or has any ideas, how to deal with occasional long range artillery misfires. I have a ballistic missile based artillery, and because it cannot have a 'full' turret (it is a missile set on a truck), occasionally the missile will fail to launch. When it fails, the missile will disappear as if launched, but no projectile will head towards the target, and worse of all you will then have to wait for the reload same as if the projectile actually launched! I had this issue a long time ago (so long that Golan was still around), and in the end that time I had to make the M110 artillery body a 'turret' (which looks stupid). This time I cannot do even that. Weapon hard point, Weapon turret with deflection limits, acceptable aim delta, with or without deploy AI,none of these things make a difference. any ideas? (all the artilleries in C&C3 have a fully functional turret ie no deflection limit).
  8. I did a quick fix. A structures where garrisoned units can fire their weapon have 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate' that gives the garrisoned units certain buffs. If you find the 'AttributeModifier' referenced in the 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate': 'AttributeModifierName' attribute, add a 'ModelConditionsSet' attribute to it with the model condition: 'INSIDE_GARRISON'. Result = When a squad that is garrisoned is upgraded with a banner carrier upgrade, the 'Banner Carrier' will briefly show, then correctly disappear (this depends upon what point the 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate' 'RefreshDelay' is). There is certainly a better solution out there, but I do not have hours to spend testing for it.
  9. Has anyone been able to solve the issue where if a squad is garrisoned in any building (but especially noticeable with the Civilian bunker), and get a banner carrier upgrade (ie the Confessor upgrade), the banner unit will be visible? Is it fixable?
  10. Is it possible to change the display colour of tiberium in the mini map? I have mineable materials that are neither green or blue, which is why I want to change the colour.
  11. How can I go about changing the rank icon that appears in the ui when you have selected a unit? I know how to change the rank icon that is attached to the actual unit, but obviously changing that does not effect the rank icon in the ui.
  12. When I tried to use the last frame of the death animation for a husk (Golan's Titan), the major issue was that when an engineer went into the husk to revive it, the model would briefly reverse position before doing the 'getting up' animation. Maybe there is a way to fix this, but it is worth an attempt to use the die animation.
  13. The Sample art has includes the Juggernaut, which has all of the art that you need (along with the xml code from the SDK). Good luck!