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  1. Now if you try to install version v1.0.1.5, then you will see that it does not work. You can not create any network or connect to a network or to connect to a server hamachi. Your guide worked January, 2012, but Logmeyn company updated protocols July 2012 http://community.logmein.com/t5/Hamachi/Upcoming-Protocol-Changes/td-p/78963 now the oldest working version of the Windows- Regardless of how the old version, the maximum number of participants for the free networks - 5 I saw that you have added the patch UnderStorm , I just mean that NWLink IPX it is a very old protocol and it also needs some tweaking. For many years, playing through hamachi and tell you its a long time nobody uses. And I do not see any sense in it, except for the stories
  2. Problem in this guide: 1. Hamachi v1.0.1.5 do not work good and a generic error [5, 7, 7] , so our players use the latest wersion hamachi http://community.logmein.com/t5/Hamachi/Hamachi-1-0-1-5-win7/td-p/84102 http://community.logmein.com/t5/Hamachi/Upcoming-Protocol-Changes/td-p/78963 2. And Win 7 and Vista dont have Protocol NWLink IPX , all play with UDP patch now.
  3. 1. In order to play Red Alert 2 online you must have game version 1.006. You can find it in game main menu: If you game version is different to this one then you need download our game version: Red Alert 2 ver. 1.006 2. Also You will need wsock32.dll. Here is the link of it to download: UDP protocol (wsock32.dll) After you download this file you have to paste it in the game folder as shown in the picture below: 3. Download Hamachi and install in your computer. Your user name must have the tag of your country, an example of a player [EN] or the player [RU] After Download install and run it. once you run it make a request to join to the network. Network Name: ra2.ru Password: no pass Join network. Setting up Hamachi for Win XP: 4. Start - Control Panel - Network connections 5. Make a click on Advanced then Advanced Settings and you will get a box like this All you have to do is select Hamachi and move it to the first spot. Just like i did in the Picture above and press Ok. 6. Click Start, click Run, whrite: ncpa.cpl , click OK. Right - Click on Hamachi properties, click on internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)[ to some its only Internet protocol (TCP/IP), click Properties, click Advanced, down Automatic metric needs to be unchecked, if is not, uncheck it your self, and down at Interface metric whrite 4, click ok, ok, close. Setting up hamachi for Win 7 & Vista. 7.Start- Control Panel- Network and Sharing Center- change adapter settings Set the highest priority to adapter hamachi as shown in the picture below. 8. Follow these easy steps to set the interface metric in the hamachi adapter to "4". 9 Restart your PC. If you have any problem feel free to consult one of our admins online. - - - For more help: Skype - montesuma.montesuma