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  1. 1. In order to play Red Alert 2 online you must have game version 1.006. You can find it in game main menu: If you game version is different to this one then you need download our game version: Red Alert 2 ver. 1.006 2. Also You will need wsock32.dll. Here is the link of it to download: UDP protocol (wsock32.dll) After you download this file you have to paste it in the game folder as shown in the picture below: 3. Download Hamachi and install in your computer. Your user name must have the tag of your country, an example of a player [EN] or the player [RU] After Download install and run it. once you run it make a request to join to the network. Network Name: ra2.ru Password: no pass Join network. Setting up Hamachi for Win XP: 4. Start - Control Panel - Network connections 5. Make a click on Advanced then Advanced Settings and you will get a box like this All you have to do is select Hamachi and move it to the first spot. Just like i did in the Picture above and press Ok. 6. Click Start, click Run, whrite: ncpa.cpl , click OK. Right - Click on Hamachi properties, click on internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)[ to some its only Internet protocol (TCP/IP), click Properties, click Advanced, down Automatic metric needs to be unchecked, if is not, uncheck it your self, and down at Interface metric whrite 4, click ok, ok, close. Setting up hamachi for Win 7 & Vista. 7.Start- Control Panel- Network and Sharing Center- change adapter settings Set the highest priority to adapter hamachi as shown in the picture below. 8. Follow these easy steps to set the interface metric in the hamachi adapter to "4". 9 Restart your PC. If you have any problem feel free to consult one of our admins online. - - - For more help: Skype - montesuma.montesuma
  2. Hello all, my friend is having an issue with C&C generals Zero our online. Although we have the same Router (ADB), same OS (WIndows 10) and living in the same city (not sure if it's relevant), from some reason, when We try to play multiplayer online, we fail to do so. (we get a "Unable to connect to other players" message). WE both have the SAME ports forwarded. He has a fresh OS install. I can play with other people perfectly fine. He has no apparent firewall or Anti virus running. We're clueless! ) Please advise, Thx
  3. Hey everyone! I am here to find some skilled/unskilled players to play with VS or Team VS AI. I have 5 networks for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour VANILLA. I will add some for many mods later on Here are the networks Generals Zero Hour Vanilla 123 Generals Zero Hour Vanilla 1 123 Generals Zero Hour Vanilla 2 123 Generals Zero Hour Vanilla 3 123 Generals Zero Hour Vanilla 4 123 Generals Zero Hour Vanilla 5 123 Please only join 1 net work at a time :cAnyway if you do not already know how to use himachi for online here's how. Install logmein himachi Click on the power button and add your name etc Look for your IP next to the power button and copy it Go to networks and put the Long adress as the name and 123 as the password Open up generals zero hour (Patch to 1.04) Have nothing else installed as in a Vanilla(CLEAN) Game Go to options Put lan IP and regular IP to the IP you see in himachi You can add me on skype for any problems: JGreatIshOG Or Red-Guardz My email: [email protected] (Just for this site) And talk to me by the himachi networks.. I am on daily! C:
  4. Tore

    CnCNet 5 released!

    TL:DR version: CnCNet 5 is awesome! Took a long time to make and test! TS and RA2 not supported yet! Download here! After over a year of work and testing CnCNet 5 has finally been deemed stable enough for an official release! Compared to CnCNet 4, CnCNet 5 is coded from scratch and takes advantage of the online systems Westwood implemented into the games. CnCNet 5 has a external lobby system which gets rid of the old and buggy LAN lobby. No more games disappearing or glitches related to kicking people from the game. You can also say good bye to lag caused by the LAN netcode as previously hinted to CnCNet 5 makes use of the WOL netcode making games go smooth. CnCNet 5 works perfectly despite closed ports due to the improved tunnelling system which also lets multiple people in the same household play with people online. The CnCNet 5 lobby uses an IRC server which allows you to send private messages, make passworded lobbies game and to communicate with players. You can connect using a normal IRC client as well, but you won't have any game functionality. Currently CnCNet 5 supports Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Support for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is in the works as is other Westwood Online enabled games, maybe even a game where you fight over a certain "waterless world". Below are a list of changes to the individual games: Command & Conquer - Over 160 maps to choose from by default. - New option: Auto Crush Infantry - New option: MCV Undeploy - Automatic transfer of custom maps - No limit on starting money Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Over 430 maps to choose from by default. - Automatic transfer of custom maps - Choose starting location - Choose alliance - New option: Fix Formation Exploit - New option: Fix Range Exploit - 12 other new game options - Automatic transfer of custom maps - No limit on starting money Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Not yet supported, use CnCNet 4 in the mean time. - Iran is working on it with help from CCHyper! If you are interested in following development look here: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=498086 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Not yet supported, use CnCNet 4 in the mean time. - Needs a developer, if you are interested go to irc.freenode.net in the channel #cncnet. CnCNet 5 would not have been possible if it weren't for the hard work of hifi (backend), FunkyFr3sh (frontend) and Iran (tons of new features in the games). Features such as ladder etc will come soon. CnCNet provides ready to play versions of both Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
  5. If you're reading this post from the main page of CNCNZ.com, you will notice we have restored our news. Due to our recent forum upgrade, it basically broke our old script that we used so we had to rebuild it, hence the delay. Many thanks goes to Chronojam from Bluehell Productions for his help in this area. On the outside, everything may look the same, but on the inside, it's a big recoding job. And while we are dishing out the thanks to people, more thanks goes to Neogrant who gave up a lot of his time to help with the rebuilding of our iconic blue theme for our new forums. It proves that the C&C community is still the helpful and resourceful place it once was. Or still is. One of the other important changes since the upgrade of our forums has to do with our RSS Feed, it can now be found at this location. I know many people who visit us use the RSS Feed, so please update your bookmarks or news reader source to the new URL.