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  1. How to make KW worldbuilder faction buildings (GDI_LabRadarBuilding etc) have their glowing team/house colors like in TW?
  2. Does it work for KW as well? I can't seem to get it to work with KW
  3. How can the color of the sidebar images on the specialpower buttons be changed? (not the buttons, but the pictures on the buttons)
  4. Help with old logics

    Would you post your working KW code? - Also, I'm kinda lost; which post contained the spawnanddamagenugget's solution?
  5. Help with old logics

    Can someone confirm that they've gotten these 3 behaviors working 100% ingame? Because I don't know if something's wrong, or if they no longer function in KW. damageandspawn doesn't work managed to get the helicopterslowdeath to actually look somewhat like Generals, but then it just disappears when it hits the ground; FX doesn't work Burningdeath doesn't work - (I've added BurniningDeathRadius="100" to humanlocomotor. Set the locomoter's condition to BURNINGDEATH. But still doesn't work.) --- AmericaAir (HelicopterSlowDeath Behavior).ini.zip
  6. Help with old logics

    I've been experimenting with "HelicopterSlowDeath"; The hammerhead no longer disappears after I commented out "SlowDeath" Using default C&C Generals or PurpleGaga27's settings causes a crash but Ravendark's works, however the hammerhead spins without falling to the ground. Even after tinkering with the settings, I can't make the hammerhead hit the ground Maybe it's to do with the data types used in the "HelicopterSlowDeath"? "DeathSound" appears to replace "SoundDeathLoop" - does it work the same way? (A looping sound? Or is it a 1-shot sound?) -- It'd be good to get one or more of the following features: 'burned' textures for affected infantry run/panic then dying fire particle FX for affected infantry Also how do I 'hookup' the logic to flame weaponry?
  7. Help with old logics

    I went to ...Tools/Definitions/Kane's Wrath/WeaponTemplate.xml and changed <EntryReference id="SpawnTemplate" AssetType="GameObjectWeak" IsAttribute="false /> even tried <EntryReference id="SpawnTemplate" AssetType="GameObjectWeakRef" IsAttribute="false /> but it still doesn't work -- Here's what I've got for burning death infantry (it doesn't work still) burneddeath.xml
  8. Help with old logics

    Can no one else help? I know these behaviors have been used in mods like CNC Fallout, Tiberian Legacy & Tiberian Apocalypse etc If it helps I can upload my xmls
  9. I'm trying to use these logics/behavoirs, but I think I need help in getting them to work: 1. DamageAndSpawnNugget Tried to use this nugget in KW, but it doesn't appear to work - even when using the code copied from CNC3 corruptor's weapon 2. HelicopterSlowDeath I'm also trying to use this behavior on the Hammerhead, but even with the settings copied from Generals, the unit simply disappears when killed. 3. 'burned/aflame death behavior' (not sure about the name of this one) I remember seeing a few mods for CNC3 that gave infantry who died from fire weapons a 'burned texture'. Also, there was a mod that made burned infantry panic in a random direction before dying
  10. Sidebar MCC

    After making the changes and attempting to compile, I get the following error "Critical Error: ButtonComputerCounterMeasures.Data has less than 1 PlayerPowerButtonTemplateDataRef elements" attached - the modded xml PlayerPowerButtonTemplate.xml
  11. I'm not sure, but I do know that the Slingshot suffers from the same problem (In WB the slingshot's turret is zero'd, but ingame it is always pointing 5d too high; so the turret pitches higher than the targets its firing at & when idle)
  12. Sidebar MCC

    Could you go into more detail on how to do that?
  13. How can the Master Computer Countermeasures specialpower be moved from the Temple to the sidebar?
  14. When a structure is taken offline or being repaired, the hovering Repair & Offline icons are only visible to the owner. Can the icons be modded to display to the enemy and allied players as well?
  15. I've solved it; forgot to import the jet exhaust subobjects