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    Tiberian Daylight

    I love these, keep it up.
  3. CyborgBanana

    Now Playing - Games

    -Hearthstone: I have been playing this game since beta and have rarely gotten bored with it, great game - very accessible while also maintaining depth. -Dragon Age: Inquisition: It is okay, beautiful worlds, characters and storytelling but at times monotonous gameplay. Not entirely sure what to look forward to this year, I would like to play Bloodbourne but I'm not buying a PS4 just for that game. I didn't play Demon's Souls on release and I guess this will be happening again, which is a pity because From Software are one of my favourite developers.
  4. CyborgBanana

    Is this Paris apartment real or unreal?

    Hmm, that was a nice preview into the future of 'The Sims' games.
  5. CyborgBanana

    Movies to watch in 2015

    This is the movie I'm anticipating the most, I'm hyped but my expectations aren't impossible to meet. Just don't make it like Episode I Disney and we'll get along just fine... The excitement surrounding this movie may make it difficult to please the wider audience though.
  6. After the cancellation, the forum became dead and deteriorated into a cesspool of **** posts. Obviously that is expected, so it definitely isn't a great loss (presently) with the removal of the official forums; however, the forums did contain useful threads and they are now gone... so that is a pity. I suppose I'll miss the small community that grew from the Generals playtesting, it was nice to see C&C finally get some attention and much needed activity again -- unfortunately, that did not last. Overall, my reaction is a small amount of disappointment. C&C has taken all my disappointment away, very little left to give. Of course, I do hope the forums return when EA decides to take another shot with the C&C franchise.
  7. I don't really understand why they removed access to the forums, I guess it was messy from the cancellation and they just want to shove C&C under the rug and forget about it. Okay, that was a little cynical. Perhaps they are planning on reviving C&C - again - and they will release a brand new forum - again - in conjunction with the announcement. Some of the subsections in the official forum were useful for tech support when people had issues with their C&C games so it is a shame that is gone too. Ah well, RIP off-topic.
  8. CyborgBanana

    EA_CIRE Says Goodbye

    C&C hasn't done well in a long time and EA itself has had better times financially, and with the next-gen consoles coming out soon I imagine they're going to focus their resources on franchises and genres which are attractive on all platforms -- not just PC. That's just how I see it.
  9. CyborgBanana

    What will you be getting this holiday season?

    None of the above for me -- although this wasn't always the case. I was planning on purchasing an Xbox One, but I've figured that waiting a year or two would be better decision as I definitely do not want to buy another hardware failure prone console like I did back in 2006; my Xbox 360 broke FOUR times. My first Xbox broke in the space of six months, and I only had one game that I played -- sparingly. Worst console ever, in terms of reliability. Waiting and watching will determine if any of the two consoles have a glaring hardware issue like the infamous RROD. Hopefully, E3 2014 will have some new interesting titles announced for the consoles. The launch line-up is also not great, in my opinion. Anyway, I'm just going to buy a few older games and indie titles. I wish I could buy CoD: Ghost and play with my friends but unfortunately my Xbox pooped out again so screw fixing that. CoD is not fun playing alone.
  10. CyborgBanana

    GameSpot's Greatest Game Series of the Decade

    The main quest and guilds are better in Oblivion, but Skyrim is a better game in nearly everything else. Although I really hated the unnecessarily tedious grinding associated with the skills other than the combat skills. Anyway, I'm a bit shocked that TES won this simply because GTA V is around the corner. I guess hype doesn't make such a big influence in the voting after all.
  11. CyborgBanana

    Battlefield 4 System Requirements

    That would be a huge mistake on Victory Game's part. F2P games need to be accessible, thus the minimum requirements should be fairly low. Anyway, my PC will melt just trying to read the BattleField 4 disc for installation so I think I'll pass on the PC version until I replace this hunk-of-junk. Everything else is okay besides the damn graphics card, ah well.
  12. CyborgBanana

    Will you buy GTA V once it's released?

    My Xbox 360 just busted a week ago, and my PS3 controller decided to stop working over a light slam on the table from a BS molotov in 'The Last of Us' so I had to invest in another controller. I swear it was only a little bit of force. >8) Anyway, I'm very disappointed as I was hoping to play GTA with a few mates on the Xbox but I guess I'll be lone-wolfing this game on PS3 trolling randoms! Can't wait for it still though, really hope I'm not disappointed as my hype level is quite high -- especially in comparison to when GTA IV was close to release. The PC version with the mods will be spectacular though, but I'm not gonna wait that long. I really want to play... like now.
  13. CyborgBanana

    GameSpot's Greatest Game Series of the Decade

    I'm calling this now, GTA will win this. Not sure why -- just have this gut feeling, hmm... odd. Maybe I should check my calender.
  14. CyborgBanana

    GameSpot's Greatest Game Series of the Decade

    As usual Gamespot fails. Rayman vs Splinter Cell?! LittleBigPlanet vs Uncharted?! Shouldn't it be Rayman vs LittleBigPlanet at the very least? First time an article has actually made me feel a little angry inside.
  15. CyborgBanana

    Papers Please

    This game is fresh and oddly fun -- I say that because the actual concept of validating passports as a game doesn't sound very fun but it actually is, why? Because of the detective work that is rewarding to do correctly and the outcomes of your choices in my opinion. One thing it's missing though is a larger pool of interesting characters such as http://papersplease.wikia.com/wiki/Jorji_Costava. I found that weird little man more entertaining than I probably should have. Good game and priced perfectly in my opinion, only a little more than a Goodfella's pizza and you get hours of gameplay. The dedicated gamer could even try go for all 20 endings which would increase the replay value immensely.