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    Error Installing C&C Generals

    Will try thanks, I looked up a few videos on Youtube on what actually should happen when you click "Next" on the installation window, It should open a new window where you enter the serial for the game. So I'm guessing something with opening that window is the problem.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new here, decided to register to get some help from professionals So the problem is simple (haha), at the installation this damn pop up shows up. I tried everything I know, moved the whole installation folder to hard drive, cleaned up registry, Run as administrator, Compatibility mode etc... So please if you have any ideas on how to fix this, I would be grateful. Wiling to try every option in order to play this awesome game. Tnx in advance
  3. Ptica10

    Error Installing C&C Generals

    I did delete the folder, CC-ed the machine, checked for viruses. But it keeps creating the folder when I click "Next" in the installation setup...and tried this several times.
  4. Ptica10

    Error Installing C&C Generals

    The disc seems fine, in fact all 4 of them (including Zero Hour). And on the last PC I installed without any problems.. doubt that the CD got damaged somewhere in between because it was in the box all the time. I figured the problem might be with the CD, so I downloaded the game from the Internet, but the same error...so it must be something with my PC :/ Haha the username gave me away
  5. Ptica10

    Error Installing C&C Generals

    The best part is I didn't, this is the brand new PC, and the first installation, I'm going nuts.. You're from Split, nice to have someone from the same country, btw I'm from Varaždin