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Found 5 results

  1. Tonight is the first night of a C&C birthday like no other - the community is organizing an 8-day marathon of multiplayer game nights in C&C Renegade and its standalone mods to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the game (released on 26 February 2002, Wikipedia is wrong ). Full information is available on the event's Discord server, and if you have issues running vanilla Renegade make sure you've installed it using our guide.
  2. W3D Hub has posted an update on version 2.0 of Tiberian Sun: Reborn. This update includes information of fan maps being included for release, a view of alternate vehicle cameras, a new Nod building, and an image that is open to speculation. Read the full post here.
  3. W3D Hub posted some updates on their upcoming projects recently. Firstly, they showcased new models of the Navy SEAL's C4, Soviet doors and the Patriot Missile Site for Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising. Then, we got a look at assets made for release 2.0 of Tiberian Sun: Reborn, namely the GDI and Nod Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's wrench, and the new riot shield for GDI Riot Soldiers.
  4. Its been an entire year since the release of Tiberian Sun Reborn. So that makes it the 1 year anniversary. And the dedicated team at Bluehell Productions have responded with a brand new update that includes details of the most recent patch for the game. Since we missed news of that release, lets catch up with that now. The full change log can be seen below. Balance Changes Wolverine slightly faster, has a larger ammo clip and has a higher RoF, but damage reduced slightly. Slight increase in overall DPS Reworked RIOT Troopers elite slug shot (slightly more damage, uses less ammo, more accurate) Slightly reduced speed of the Titan Very slightly toned down damage buff for elite cyborg chaingun Reduced Cyborg Commando and Ghost Stalker weapon damage slightly MkII can no longer be hijacked Reduced damage dealt by the knife (stabbing and throwing) (200->60, 70->45) Increased damage dealt by all pistol weapons (3->4) Changed the way SAM sites work to make the various different versions have their own firing style Slightly toned down Banshee damage Added projectile extensions to Devils Tongue to aid in damaging targets directly in front Reworked Devils Tongue damage to be less particle heavy (less projectiles, more damage per projectile) Increased amount of points retained when switching characters from 60% to 75% Increased veterancy value and requirements for commando units (value: 55 -> 80, requirements: 90/200 -> 130/300) Added small projectile extensions to Plasma Rifle, moved most damage from splash to impact Decreased overall damage done by Plasma Rifle (basic and elite) Changed Nod Rocket Launcher to use the Rocket warhead instead of Shell and increased damage Increased range of GDI AA Missile Launcher, reduced damage Reworked stealth tank to use the Rocket warhead (more effective vs vehicles) and increased its health (180/180 -> 200/200) Reduced Kerubim price to 700 credits Mammoth MkII cannot be hijacked anymore Added a 5 second cooldown between dig / surface transitions for the Sub APC and Devils Tongue Rebalanced infantry speeds; Light infantry, Technician, Engineer, Medic, Jumpjet: 7 Umagon, Hijacker: 7.5 Toxin Trooper, Spy: 6.5 Cyborgs: 5.5 All Others: 6 Misc Changes New MSA and MSG effects MSA limited to 2 at a time MSG limited to 3 at a time New model for GDI soldier Fixed tiberium gas clouds for Toxin Trooper weapons Map Changes TS_Shallows: Beefed up Nod base defences and gave them a tiberium silo to compensate for slower harvester TS_Crossroads: Added a Vulcan turret to the back of the GDI base TS_Under: Added an extra Vulcan turret to the back of the GDI base and some hedgehogs on the island TS_GrandCanyon: Roadworks completed (bridge now usable), added sludge vehicle blockers, fixed some stuck places, fixed a terrain glitch in front of Nod base TS_Freezeover: Removed defences TS_Drought: Removed defences TS_Isles: Added infantry ramps, added vehicle blockers to sludge hill and water tunnel and an extra Vulcan on the right of the GDI base. Alpha blending fixed in Nod tiberium cave TS_Field: Blocker issues fixed Check out the full update right here for more.
  5. Bluehell Productions have released a new patch for Tiberian Sun Reborn. This new patch includes a new map, Field_2. A re-imagining of the original Field, it features an extensive tunnel network, multiple back entrances into both bases and a silo based economy. There is a heavy Tiberium presence here which limits the amount of terrain which is suitable for vehicle usage, funnelling tanks into head to head battles to control the field. The patch also features the latest version of scripts 4.2 and an updated version of Tiber, that includes manual harvesting points for both teams and has a reworked silo layout to help alleviate cases where both teams destroy each others silos early in the game leaving both teams stuck with no money. The patch can be downloaded via the BHP Launcher.