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Worldbuilder Video Tutorials

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Credit to JeepRubi for making these video tutorials to help you get started with the Red Alert 3 Worldbuilder.

From Nothing To Something; Your Fist Map:


Creating Cliffs:


Water Tools:

And some other video help from community member FRISH. Hosted on YouTube.




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:D i was looking for something like that, but.... :rolleyes:




i dont wanna sound "bad" but most of your words are not clear at all, microphone maybe, i dont know.


very nice efford indeed,but kind of wasted cause the sound is Very poor, and the image is very small and fuzzy, you are making lots of steps very fast, and there is no way to understand what buttons and menus you are choosing from the video quality and speed! :(


if what you were saying was clear and not so "nervous" (lots of ehhhee) then this could replace the poor video quality.


i undesrand that you are trying to help us,and Thank You, but those videos need improvement, also reduce your resolution to get more clear texts, we dont care about the resolution in video turorials ;-) as long as we can see clearly what are you selecting!


try using Adobe Captivate! if you dont wanna use cracks get the Trial Version and create those videos in swf. maybe


just few tips.. :rolleyes:

Edited by Johnnyxp64

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I'm sorry mate but you don't say things clear enough AND ask us to read the screen when the quality is simply not good enough. I appreciate the effort, but you may want to fix it up. If you want to send me transcripts of what you were saying, I'd be happy to help you recreate them cleaner. [email protected]


(and yes i'm talking to the actual creator of the video, incase he ever reads this, not you sonic)

Edited by TartarusMkII

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Yeah ehhh, I don't ehhh think it was ehhhh any ehhhh good. Ehhh... Either. Ehhhh..

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