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C&C 4 - The Big Questions Answered By EP BigMike

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1. Again, few problems, namely the whole "not everyone has flos/cable/dsl)" problem. Some have 56k, or worse, 26.5k(or whatever its called). I don't have one, might get dsl soon because family is getting poorer(or even no internet). So I can't play C&C4 because my family doesn't have internet, good work ea.

2. Not the same. Base building/MCV made C&C, well, C&C. I can't consider the defensive crawler a version of base building.

3. Why nodes? Isn't the planet supposed to be infested with tiberium? Yes, I know that GDI has managed to combat it because they got help, but hopefully there is a huge amount of tiberium or has tiberium fields you can harvest(then again, no base building, so how the hell are you going to get them).


Anyways, I am still not convinced that C&C4 will be a good game. Hell, I won't buy it, or play it. After 1-2 years, I think that it will go the way of C&C3, RA3, and all the other games in the dead C&C series(no more support).

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