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Renegade X - February Update

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A new month means another update from the Renegade X team. This is another mammoth sized update that covers such things as ModDB.com "Mod of the Year 2009" news, Dr. Ignatio Mobius, the Volt Autorifle, the Aircraft Mod and more. Check out the full list of what's inside this update below, as well as previews of Dr. Ignatio Mobius and the Volt Autorifle.

  1. ModDB.com "Mod of the Year 2009" news
  2. Make Something Unreal Contest news
  3. New patch coming soon!
  4. Dr. Ignatio Mobius
  5. Volt Autorifle
  6. Nuclear Strike animation teaser
  7. New tutorials for Renegade X's maps and mods tools
  8. MP Gaming server and sever-side mods
  9. Aircrafts Mod
  10. X-Mountain: Renegade X's first fan map!
  11. Media Platoon is looking for recruits!
  12. Dev Night this coming Saturday and Sunday!
mobius.jpg volt.jpg

To finish this news post, I'll show you the Nuclear Strike Teaser mentioned in the list above, simply because it's so damn impressive.


You can get the full Renegade X February Update on ModDB or view the same update on the Renegade X Forums.

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Dev Night! February 13th and 14th

0.5's first Dev Night event is coming soon to a PC near you!


This is your chance to play with the developers of Renegade X, and other members of the community. You could expect a great deal of teamwork as well. All the information you need can be found below. The game will be held this coming weekend. The first event will be on Saturday, February 13th, and the second will be on Sunday, February 14th. Both events will start at 3:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). Come on to whatever server is populated at the right time :) See you there!


*groan* That works out to be 7am Sunday morning for the first one. The game is pretty, but I'm not at that hour! :)

But great update none the less.

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7AM for you, makes it 5AM for me... on Sunday with me starting work at 3PM.

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3pm EST is the best way to reconcile North America and Europe, but things tend to not work out for Australia and New Zealand.

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Meh. The sooner they get the mod standalone the better...UT3 does not like either of my PCs =/

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