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Preview: CNCNZ.com - I Came To Play & C&C 365

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Later this week I will finally be changing the main site just a little bit. At this time the new site slogan will be revealed. You may have already notice it in my signature image. These changes have been planned since around October/November 2009, I've just never had the time to sort it out 100%.



I won't bother explaining the origins of it, or what it means. Like the "Time To Play The Game" slogan I just like the sound of "I Came To Play"


Plus you would have seen the C&C 365 logo popping up since Christmas New Year. Now we have always had the 365 header image on the main page above the news for awhile. But now with fresh a new logo the Command & Conquer 365 theme is getting expanded. Command & Conquer 365 is CNCNZ.com's commitment to dedicated news coverage. Think of it as our sites seal (like the US Presidential seal). This new logo will always be present when we have new features to promote, like our monthly Roundtables.


Command & Conquer 365 is not a new name for the site, it is really just something that accompanies it. A good example can be explained this way.....

CNCNZ.com - The main site

CNCNZ.com News - Command & Conquer 365 (theme)




CNCNZ.com Forums

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I think the new slogan just doesn't sound right. I like the old previous slogan, "Conquering the Community for a Decade", which was used as the intro in some Tiberium Legos videos. Perhaps the modern slogan would make sense if it's "Conquering the Community For Over a Decade".

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