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C&C4 Patch Updates 19/2/10

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19/2/2010 - http://forums.commandandconquer.com/jforum...list/34725.page

Hey everyone,


We've just punched out another small update, Beta Rev 16. This brings the beta stream up to date with our main-line final build for C&C 4. So while we are working on various post launch support issues, this latest patch should address a lot of technical errors or bugs, or likely bugs you may not even notice that we fixed =)


Either way, we are planning one more Beta patch that will include some balance changes.


Beyond that, all feedback from the Beta will be used for our post launch support, so please keep it rolling in.


If you have any major issues updating today to Rev16, please inform here with exact repro steps and details.





17/2/2010 - http://forums.commandandconquer.com/jforum...list/34422.page

For those who care, but haven't played in a while... proposed changes... which may be in game.

  • The Nod Avatar's chest canon deals 55 damage/hit (was 35/hit). Its arms deal 30 damage/hit (was 35/hit).
    • Net result – higher minimum DPS, and higher maximum DPS w/ crate. Maximum DPS w/out crate is unchanged.
  • Nod Flame Tank speed is 100 (was 80). Trail of Flame ability duration increased to 15 seconds (was 10 seconds). Overall recharge time maintained at 30 seconds.
  • DoT fire frequency on the GDI Shockwave's Sonic charge increased to every 0.5 seconds (was every second). Duration on both normal and upgraded charges decreased to 2 seconds. Damage on the Upgraded charge explosion increased to 85 (was 75).
    • Net effect – Shockwave damage is front-loaded, and the AoE blast with the crate upgrade is marginally more effective.
  • GDI Spanner health reduced to 120 (was 200).
  • Nod Scalpel health reduced to 240 (was 400).
  • GDI Hammerhead & Nod Salamander CP costs are now 8 (was 10).
  • Nod Salamander's Purification ability deals 18 damage/tick (was 15), for a 20% damage increase.
  • The Nod Commando's range is increased to 350 (was 250). Its speed is now 95 (was 90).
  • The GDI Commando's speed is now 100 (was 80). Its health is now 750 (was 500).
  • Nod Aftershock health is now 2700 (was 2100) and its speed is now 80 (was 70).
  • Nod Widow benefits more from having spider tanks garrisoned in it.
    • Each spider without a crate is worth +33% damage
    • Each spider with a crate is worth +50% damage
  • Medium Aircraft & ground vehicles take 75% damage from all lasers.
  • The Ion cannon has had its damage front-loaded based on how much charge it had when used.
    • At 2 levels of charge, after 3.5 seconds, the power deals 20 AoE damage every 0.5 seconds until the final blast.
    • At 4 levels of charge, after 2.0 seconds, the power deals 20 AoE damage every 0.5 seconds. This stacks with previous AoE damage.
    • At full charge, after 0.5 seconds, the power deals 20 AoE damage every 0.5 seconds. This stacks with previous AoE damage.
    • The damage on the final explosion has been nerfed to compensate for the AoE damage.
  • Transport health has been increased – the GDI Armadillo's health is now 1600 (was 1300), and the Reckoner's health is now 1050 (was 900) and it doesn't slow down while burrowed.
  • The GDI Focus beam now deals a base of 6 damage every half-second (was 3) and ramps up as follows:
    • After 3 seconds, damage is 200%
    • After 6 seconds, damage is 300%
    • After 9 seconds, damage is 400%
    • Note: The Focus beam's theoretical DPS is now higher than that of an Obelisk, but Obelisks have much higher burst DPS
  • Nod Cobra turrets deal 55 damage (was 45) per shot, and have 450 range (was 425).
  • The Nod Basilisk's prism beam has had its base damage reduced to 30 (was 50), and drops off in damage faster (the 15% damage reduction starts with the 2nd target instead of the 3rd).
    • It also only prisms from ground units to ground units and air units to air units, instead of jumping from one to the other and back again.
  • The Nod Medusa's debuff reduces speed to 60% (was 75%) without an upgrade and to 40% (was 50%) for 3 seconds (was 2 seconds) with the upgrade.
  • The Nod Marauder base speed is now 140 (was 130).
  • EMP Countermeasures' EMP immunity now lasts 45 seconds (was 20)
  • The Nod Firestorm power now lasts 30 seconds (was 20)
  • The Nod Underminer now deals 100 AoE damage per shot (was 70)
  • The Nod Mantis's ballistic missile has had its damage doubled to 40 (was 20)
  • GDI Zone Raiders have been sped up significantly (120, was 90), and their laser damage is now 10 (was 7). Their health is now 500 (was 400).
  • The GDI Rhino's health is now 2000 (was 1600)
  • The GDI Mammoth's health is now 2100 (was 1700), and it deals 50 damage per cannon shot (was 40).
  • The GDI Sheppard Tank's health is now 660 (was 700), making its effective health 880 (was 933, with dodge %).
    • This makes it marginally worse than the Hunter in a head-to-head comparison
  • Mastodon ground AOE damage has been reduced

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