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How do you get the Dinosaur Missions to work?

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I even checked EA's Tech Support, and I still couldn't get it to work...


I have Win XP and C&C + Covert Ops, they came from a big pack that had Red Alert too


Also, does anyone know of a good graphical map editor from C&C?



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This will tell you how get to the dinosaur missions......


From the The Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ by Roger Wong



*4-6-3* Covert Operations Funpark


When you start Covert Operations, type "c&c funpark". You will enter a

special mode of play. If you start a new game, you will play a series of

dinosaur missions. If you load a previously saved game, you will be able to build the units and buildings of both GDI and Nod.


Nod players should take note. Building an advanced comms center will not give you the ion cannon.


GDI players can only build chem troops or SSM launchers if they capture

a hand of Nod or Nod airstrip.


In some missions, a new type of barrier, razor wire, will be available

for construction.


*4-6-4* Dinosaurs


There are two ways to get the Dinosaurs in C&C. The easiest way, if you

have the Covert Operations disk is to run C&C with the funpark option, and to select either GDI or Nod as your transmission.


If you do not have the Covert Operations mission disk, you will need to

visit Andrew Griffin's Internet webpage and download some hacking utilities.


The dinosaur movies are only available with the Covert Operations

mission disk.


Andrew Griffin ([email protected])

There are four dinosaur units: the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor,

Stegosaurus and Triceratops. There seems to have been a fourth team in

multiplayer mode after GDI, Nod and civilians, called JP, obviously for

Jurassic Park.

Their bite is great against infantry, and they can squish all the soft

targets (including walls and sandbags), but they aren't that good against

heavy tank armor.


Amer Khan ([email protected])

Velociraptors regenerate hitpoints when they eat chem warriors.

From memory there were some simple map editors for C&C. I can't remember any names or links to them though. Searching on Google might be a good idea.

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When Do I type in "C&C funpark" and where?




[Edit] Never mind, I figured it out, EA didn't put the C&C part in their thinger



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When do you type in "C&C funpark" and where? I'm still trying to work it out.

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Don't post in old threads like this one. Especially one that is near 4 years old. There is already a thread about this very subject in the Classic C&C Games forum.

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