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I have a question about how the IQ levels in Red Alert works. For example, here is a copy about the settings in rules.ini:


MaxIQLevels=5     ; the maximum number of discrete IQ levels
SuperWeapons=4    ; super weapons are automatically fired by computer
Production=5      ; building/unit production is automatically controlled by 
GuardArea=4       ; newly produced units start in guard area mode
RepairSell=1      ; allowed to choose repair or sell of damaged buildings
AutoCrush=2       ; automatically try to crush antogonists if possible
Scatter=3         ; will scatter from incoming threats [grenades and such]
ContentScan=4     ; will consider contents of transport when picking good 
Aircraft=4        ; automatically replace aircraft or helicopters
Harvester=2       ; automatically replace lost harvesters
SellBack=2        ; allowed to sell buildings

As you can see, all the levels have other values. If i change everything to zero, then in skirmish the AI builds units, repairs my buildings and they even attack for me.

But when i see that they are attacking, they will only destroy other units, base defenses and ore trucks, but not the other buildings. Is there a way to make the AI IQ Levels attack every last building/unit of their enemy in Skirmish?

Thanks for the help. And i want to know more about this special ability in Red Alert, wich are not inplemented in any other C&C game.

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This works in every version I do believe, though it's not really that great of an idea. As I recall, you should still have control since you're the 'zero' level of AI. Though, as far as I know, there's no real way to change the AI's behavior a great deal in Red Alert.

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