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Bungie Files Trademarks for New Game

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The first hint at Bungie's next game I guess....


Bungie files trademarks for new game


Former Halo development studio Bungie has filed a series of trademarks and domain registrations suggesting possible titles for its new game.


Four trademarks and their corresponding domains were registered: Osiris, New Monarchy, Seven Seraphs and Dead Orbit.


Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld and Seraphs are one of the highest choirs of angels in the Christian and Judaic beliefs. Bungie’s games often include religious themes and motifs, as evidenced by the theocratic Covenant coalition of the Halo series.


No details about Bungie’s new game have been revealed. The game will be published by Activision and will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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Microsoft own Halo, not Bungie.

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Microsoft owns Halo. An offshoot company, 343 Industries, which is composed of several former Bungie staffers, will handle future Halo projects.


Not that I'm enthusiastic about the possible output. Halo: Reach will be the last Halo for me.

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Damn. Well, so is mine. Few good developers still truly exist. The talent is there, but the passion and freedom... Kinda questionable.

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Guest Stevie_K

True. The lack of recent good originals is depressing.


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