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  1. rSquar3d

    So Guys...

    Speaking of LG widescreen monitors, Flatrons and LEDs, I got an LED LG Flatron E2350. >
  2. rSquar3d

    8.4 Earthquake Hits Japan

    Errr, just an update... Japan Raises Alert Level!
  3. rSquar3d

    Now Playing - Games

    Headed out for a DotA practice downtown. >
  4. rSquar3d

    What's in your Rig?

    Just got the PC upgraded... So my overall specs: Motherboard: I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA (it's Intel, that's all I know, LOL) Processor: Intel i3 530 @2.93GHz Video Card: Nvidia GTX 460 (new, but my dad got the 560Ti, BOO), 1 GB Sound Card: Onboard Motherboard Sound Card Ram: Kingston 4GB DDR3 Monitor: LG Flatron E2350 LED, 21' Mouse & Keyboard: Standard-issue Logitech ****e Audio: Altec Lansing 2.1 system, and oh, a new Astro A30 Headphones >
  5. rSquar3d

    Now Playing - Games

    Been playing Generals for hours with my dad. Laser General>Airforce General. Lulz.
  6. rSquar3d

    Now Playing - Music

    Title: Figure It Out Artist: VersaEmerge Album: Fixed At Zero Break-up song. >
  7. Errr. Actually, the solution's pretty simple, or at least in my case. 1. Create options.ini in your Generals/Zero Hour data folder/s (refer to first post in this thread for further details). 2. Patch to latest version. 3. Run in WinXP SP3 compatibility mode. Been playing for, like 3 hours with no hiccups whatsoever. And I'm running on Win7 Ultimate Edition (x64), Nvidia GTX 460, 4GB Ram, Intel i3 530 @2.93 GHz. And oh, DX11. >
  8. NFS has already gone down two distinct lines: on one hand, you have the GT-esque Shift, which is for all you realistic racing sim nuts, while the other line was the arcade line (highlights would include Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit). Really, GT has been a snore recently, although GT 1-3 did take a huge chunk of my time in the past. I'm all for realism, but when you want to have fun, getting chased by cops is better then driving the "right way" to get a license. >
  9. rSquar3d

    Now Playing - Games

    What's to be dreaded with the zoom feature in Halo!? I mean, it's just right that not all weapons can be zoomed, it gives each and every weapon more specific roles. Or is it the getting knocked out of scope part you hate? Meh, I love it. I love having people try and shoot me in the head and I just pop them out of scope so they'd miss (unless they were damn clutch). Really fun. And headshotting (dunno bout the term) someone while getting knocked out of scope just feels sick.
  10. rSquar3d

    Top 25 Video Game Consoles

    Hm, the only Sega System I actually played with was the Dreamcast. Pretty underrated system for its time; too bad it got discontinued.
  11. rSquar3d

    Now Playing - Music

    Title: Past Praying For Artist: VersaEmerge Album: VersaEmerge
  12. Yep, I did try it once. I was appalled by the interface; I nearly died trying to make a decent video there. Or maybe I just love Adobe too much. >
  13. Oh, so that includes editing of the audio, I presume? I thought he'd be using Adobe Premier for video and Adobe Audition for the audio, at the very least. >
  14. Incidentally, what editing software do you use Zee?