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Anyone here heard of this new standalone mod called "The Dawn of the Tiberium Age"?


Using the Tiberian Sun engine, they implemented Tiberian Dawn into it and I must say they did a very good job.


Personally, the working skirmish does it for me as I've been told it is nearly impossible to do on the original C&C. I am not promoting this mod in anyway,( promotion is a by-product of what I am seeking)however the game was designed mainly for multi-player purposes, and because of that, the AI in skirmish is very basic and does not provide a challenge.


The game comes with an INI file and I've made some adjustments here and there, but only the small ones have seemed to take an effect. Does anyone here know enough about scripting ini that they could make the AI perhaps better? Build more buildings, mass tanks sometimes, etc?


I believe the designer used the ini from TS, at least that's what it looks like.

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Ehh, seriously, if you're asking stuff about a TS mod, put it in the Tiberian Sun section.


If you got questions about editing/modding DTA, you might even wanna try the DTA forum itself.

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Good point, I spent so much time playing this recently I was still thinking in terms of "Dawn" lol. I guess I will copy it over.

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Everyone already knows. Yes, it's awesome, and yes, all artillery are OP in this game.

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