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Run-time Error '35613' on Win7 x64 with TibEd 1.71

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When i try to run TibEd 1.71 on my da-DK Win7 x64 system, i get the following errror message when i select a game:


Run-time Error '35613':


ImageList must be initialized before it can be used


I did a little research on google, and i think this issue is related to visual-basic.



I tried running the program in different configurations of compatibilty mode, but it didn't help.


I also tried installing "vbrun60sp5.exe" and "ocxfix.exe" from the TibEd webpage.


Please help me in resolving this issue




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Have you tried rebooting your machine after installing the VB runtimes and the OCX'es?

The only other thing I can think of is that it is somehow related to a Danish language setting.

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