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Issues with various non-unicode settings

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I'm sure you already know this, but I figured I'd report it anyway.


TibEd does not like for non-unicode settings to be anything but English, as far as I can tell.


I have a lot of imports, so my non-unicode is set to Japanese.


This has the following effects.


1. Crash upon trying to enter preferences before starting.

2. Many, many errors while starting up for TD, all values when started are garbage.

3. Red Alert seemed fine. However, refusal to load any saved projects.


If you could add support, that would be great.


Not a priority, as this is not a case likely to come up often. Switching to English unicode fixes it, but requires rebooting to switch to it, then again to switch back.

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TibEd 1.x is written in Visual Basic 6, and was dropped by Microsoft in favour of VB.NET 10 years ago. Good Unicode support is next to impossible. That it does work for Red Alert and not for TD suggests that it is in the binary file parsing needed for TD editing. However, fixing this is not going to happen because it will require extensive changes (and I cannot easily test fixes). Perhaps using a Virtual Machine with English locale would work for you.

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One last quick question that has bugged me for years...


How do I edit the toxin soldiers in the capture Jake McNeil mission?


I don't see any values for them or their weapon.

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