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funny and stupid stuff I found while playing TT

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ok, i got some time, so i think i will post this just to share thoughts and some fun!


here are an assortment of screenshot i took during gameplay:




this is one of those common phenomenon appeared throughout the missions, even your obvious enemy is GDI, I mean GDI vs GDI, or Nod vs Nod, you would still get this!! and thats when i realized this not even a finished game.....



th_502776237_sshot0010_122_72lo.jpg th_502803283_sshot0011_122_599lo.jpg

this is how commander keithktam likes to waste GDI funding... its like, yea, being a commander and all, I do have the luxury to call down you boys when I like and where I like, and thats not a bloody thing you can do about it!!




say bye to my bitch...




and I think this is Sam Bass's favorite crayon as a child....

and this is Sam Bass Senior: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Bass



th_450330393_sshot0003_122_488lo.jpg th_503321967_sshot0004_122_627lo.jpg th_503358191_sshot0005_122_253lo.jpg


this is what you get to eat if you should choose to follow our messiah:








i just don't think this thing would help much out on the battlefield.... its not even a clipper i can use to cut the wire!!

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and I think this is Sam Bass's favorite crayon as a child....

I like your caricature of Sam Bass ^_^

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I like your caricature of Sam Bass ^_^

cheers mate!!

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