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Installation order?

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Hi all,


Just wanted to confirm the installation order for the TFD patches, and whether or not i am doing it the right way. Last night i installed TFD after two years again. Anyway, i did it like this:


1) install TFD.

2) install TFD patch 1.01.

3) install TFD patch 1.02.

4) install TFD patch 1.03 rev 4.

5) install C&C95 1.06 revision 1.

6) install C&C95 1.06 revision 1 fix 1.

7) install RA 3.03 patch, edited by Nyerguds to add TFD support and extra fixes. Seems a updated version of what is included in TFD 1.03 rev 4.

8) install CnC-DDraw for C&C95 and RA, plus the RA high res patch.

9) Tiberian Sun Firestorm videos addon. Seems a updated version of what is included in TFD 1.03 rev 4.


Is this the correct order? Am i forgetting something? Additionally i am also gonna install the RA2 1.007, YR 1.002 and Renegade Core Patch 1 patches tonight.





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I'd recommend this order, to avoid unnecessary installers on your PC.


1) Install TFD.

2) Install TFD patch 1.03 r4 (because it contains the changes in 1.01 and 1.02, as well as Nyerguds' RA95 patch 3.03)

3a) Install C&C 1.06c r1

3b) Install C&C 1.06c r1 hf1


OPTIONAL (you can install them at any time):

- CnC-DDraw

- RA Hi-res patch

- Firestorm videos

- RA2 1.007

- YR 1.002

- Ren Core Patch 1


Now, regarding YR 1.002, you'll need LaunchBase, because it is the only program that can run it.

If something breaks, you can always put pre-Generals games to compatibility mode for Win98.

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Hi Plokite_Wolf, thanks for the reply, didn't know that TFD patch 1.03 r4 contained all the patches from the 1.01 and 1.02 patches. Thanks, will throw them away then since i do not need them anymore. Always just used Nyerguds guide to installing TFD and his clean up tools, this is the first time for me using the 1.03 r4 patch.


Yes, i have Launchbase already, so that won't be an issue with the YR 1.002 patch, thanks.


Regarding the RA 3.03 patch, it seems that Nyerguds updated it to include, and i quote:

the Snow Theater 'Smudge' Graphics Fix and Aftermath mission "Situation Critical" fix (both made by MrFlibble), and also has options to install extras like the normal-sized infantry, the network DLL patch, and, for the German version, game uncensoring.

Dated 18-Oct-2010, while TFD patch 1.03 r4 is dated somewhere April 2009. Same goes for the Tiberian Sun Firestorm videos addon, also dated later then TFD patch 1.03 r4. Probably only Nyerguds can answer the question of what was updated exactly and if it is better to use the updated versions or not.


Anyway, thanks a lot for the answers Plokite_Wolf, time to start playing and start bugging HiFi and Nyerguds with any bugs i discover ;)

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Oh. Then you should install that updated RA 3.03 patch too. My bad :P

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Progress so far, Renegade Core Patch 1 refused to install properly and screwed up my Renegade installation. So that is a no go. The rest all works fine, except that i now have to reinstall TFD completely again since i reinstalled Renegade, ran 1.03 rev 4 patch again, and now TS won't start anymore, failed to initialize, please reinstall... sigh...

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