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How to create a full install of Red Alert with Addons?

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Well the videos just didn't work.. But don't worry I'm sure they will work fine. After days of testing I figured out that my isos which I had running with virtual cds in the background were interfering with the mixes inside the the red alert folder.


That's when I decided to put all vids into one mix and disable all isos as the 2 exe files are already patched as no-cd exe files. But that didn't work for me as well. In the end I deleted all video mix files out of the C&C folder and am playing now with the isos again. That seems to work fine for me.


If you want me to I could test your mix files again but this time without having the isos enabled.

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It might actually be worth a shot, because I did just what you want: all movies (but TLF) in one mix folder. Delete movies2.mix (it's tiny and just has 2 censored videos and might make it so movies1.mix doesn't load), and unmounted the CDs.

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