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C&c 95 Question?

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Hi, this probably gets asked a lot however.


I was wondering how do I give Nod & GDI access to units that they can build in multiplayer in single player like giving both sides Commandos, Nod APCs and MLRS?


I want to do this for my own custom levels you see but I want to use the same build preprequisites as they are in C&C95 manual?


For example: When GDI has a War Factory and Barracks they can build apcs or when Nod has a Airfield and a Hand of Nod they can build APC as well.


Thanks. :)

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In C&C: TS it was in Rules.ini. I belive it's the same name in C&C 95.

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The file "rules.ini" does exist in C&C95 but it doesn't give the same modifiable options like Red Alert or Tiberian Sun does. The best way to do this, is to use TibEd otherwise, Wait for Nyerguds' to respond.

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C&C has a lot of artificial limitations in its campaign compared to multiplayer behaviour. This includes blocking the APC, helipad, Chem Warrior and SSM for Nod, and preventing CYs captured from the other team from building superweapons and Obelisks.


If you got C&C95 v1.06c, you can put "RemoveBuildExceptions=Yes" in the [basic] section of your mission's ini file to remove all these limitations. Do note that accessing the Chem Warrior, Chinook, Commando and SSM Launcher require Buildlevel 98 to be set in the mission.

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