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C&C5: Ascension - fanmade scenario

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I think, C&C4 campaign had bad in videos and missions, they was boring too. But the story allows to bridge to another stage of tiberium universe, C&C5, that can be a real ending of tiberium saga and Kane's story.


Very short description

Well, my history continuation variant explains and shows next moments:

* what happend with Kane and what is his role in this life

* another reason, why TCN was needed

* as Overlord said - "Earth fill fall". It will be very close to fall, but... I'll say in this post later, why it will not fall and why it can

* why Kane needed Legion with his cyborg army

* real nature and importance of every race: GDI wants to save world, Idris doing same, but with different ways and sometimes wuth a bit crazy methods. Scrin - they're fearless and they're trying to destroy our world and extract every tiberium crystall from our planet. Legion - why he's created and why Kane needs him.


Here are my scenario of C&C5: Ascension, that continues C&C4 story (that was an end of tiberium saga, but for me, it's not. It's only a bridge to next and maybe last chapter). I hope, it explains most unanswered questions, and end can be more epic and logic, than C&C4 ending.


Short description

GDI trying to destroy Scrin tower. Idris is fully against that. They want to save it for researches and then maybe use it, because they think, that last Kane's "Ascension" is another Kane's game, that can be dangerous to our world and can cause another problems. That is why the corporation should be behind him and wants to arrange his trial, or kill him, if it will not be possible to bring him back to Earth. Meanwhile Kane is not ascended, Scrin tower use was a part of his plan to finish his mission in this life. Legion went to Scrin homeworld with Kane, and he's a main instrument of Kane, that helps him (Kane) to finish his last mission.


But about some interesting story moments I'll say later in this post :)


I suggest to divide campaign into 3 parts: GDI, Idris and Legion. But there will be 6 playable factions in multiplayer. When in campaign there are two GDI and one as Legion.



Campaign 1: GDI. War is not over.


"War is not over". GDI went through 5 tiberium wars (I think, TS and FS are separate tiberium wars, one GDIvsNod, and another - GDI+Nod vs CABAL), two of these wars was hardest for GDI - war with CABAL and third (really fourth) tiberium war, where GDI fight against Foreman-371 invasion. Now there are last war, but last for humanity or for his enemies...?


As GDI after Kane's ascension we're trying to destroy Scrin tower, fearing of the consequences, because Scrin tower is still staying on the Earth and it can be activated by anyone. Who knows, maybe Scrin will invade again or there can be happend giant boom? But... Idris is not a main enemy in this warm than the enemy, that GDI will see later.


Idris Corporation is fully against destroying Scrin tower, they want to save it for researches, not caring about next Scrin invasion, they are confident that they can fend for themselves and for our Earth. But their objective #1 is understand Kane and what he did, what happend with him. Of course, it's logical, why he want to understand that. Idris are agressive sientists (in other word), they do not believe in all the Biblical tale of the god, as well as Kane's ascension. So that they see him as a threat to humanity danger. Their radical methods allows them to not stay at one place and think, what to do... they went to Scrin tower, following Kane...



Campaign 2: Idris. In Pursuit of Justice


"In Pursuit of Justice" - the main goal of Idris Corp is bring back Kane and arrest him. But before activate Scrin tower, Idris neeeded to recreate eye implants, using old from Kane's clone, that is dead with real Kane's "ascension", or from other guys, who had those eye implants, but get killed by Gideon. First problem caused by dissapearing Kane's clone, so then Idris tried to found those eye implants or some information about them all over the world, at same time defending Scrin tower. Of course there was a lot Forgotten Mutants and GDI against Idris, depending on region, but there are not that many problems for Idris. They were extremely mobile, because Crawlers from C&C4, also they had best weapons and technologies to fight against weaker enemies, like GDI, Brotherhood or Forgottens. In one of old locations, that we known from Tiberian Sun or C&C3: Tiberium Wars, Idris finally finds those eye implants and recreating new to use Scrin tower, after that they make an important step to reach their goals, they activate Scrin tower and go inside the portal with all forces, folowing Kane... and invading Scrin homeworld.




As I said above, they want to bring back Kane or kill him, if it will not be possible. Idris blame Kane for all crimes: destroying Philadelphia, then Temple of Nod liquid explosion and at this time with TCN. In last one they don't care about stoped tiberium growth and saved world, Kane left without any explanations and it looked very suspicious. And when after they know, where Kane "ascended", they want to deal with Kane finally. They have powerfull weapons, newest technologies to fight against Scrin and tiberium, they were already prepared to Kane's surprizes, because nothing can be done for free... as they thinks.





As second campaign there can be other race - risen Brotherhood of Nod, leading by new or old leader. He wants to kill Kane or arrest him, because he thinks, that Kane is a main traitor, that planning to do something bad. Averagely, scenario is 99% identical with Idris scenario. I've put that variant, because for someone Idris doesn't looks like a separate faction, trying to stay with neutral sponsor corporation.


This idea isn't bad, and I will agree, that some momnents with Brotherhood of Nod at this role will be more logical. For example - Nod, defending Scrin tower, we saw that in "Tiberium" FPS and it's very close to C&C4 ending.


Another fact, that Brotherhood of Nod will fight against Legion, like we fight against CABAL in Firestorm. But the main difference is that this time we will play as Legion, defending Kane.


In this scenario there are no Idris as separate faction, instead, we have GDI as one faction, same for Brotherhood, Scrin and Legion. In result, if use this scenario with Brotherhood, we will have 4 factions:


- rised up Brotherhood of Nod

- Legion

- Scrin

And without those 2 splitter-factions.




Campaign 3: Legion. Double game.


"Double game" - third and last campaign starts with two invasions: Idris at Scrin homeworld vs Kane & Legion vs some Scrin forces, tha aren't problem for Idris guys, and Overlord on our Earth. In result there are double invasion, double game. I'll say about Earth vs Overlord. It's very close to lose, Overlord is very strong, he will not stop, untill last tiberium crystall will be gathered and sent back to homeworld. This invasion is hundred times stronger, than expedition invasion from Foreman-371. GDI uses everything, that they have: Forgotten Mutants and some parts of Brotherhood of Nod, that was very powerfull long time ago, and now they gave some flame, underground and other technologies, also simplified Nod EVA technology too. Brotherhood of Nod is dissapointed regarding Kane, because no one understands why he ascended, what a stupid ascension he did for himself, and after full scale Scrin invasion it looks, like Kane seemed to have left all mankind to perish and die, because there are very low chance to survive vs Scrin invasion.




Aliens ruthlessly destroyed many of TCN Hubs, and continuing destroying them, arranging earthquakes and earth's crust destruction, to extract everything from our planet. But TCN strongly slows Scrin invasion, because Tacitus knowing alowed storage tibeirum deeply underground. Thats why Overlord needed to destroy half or more of our planet, to extract all tiberium, that we have. Kane didn't known that, but Tacitus said, that TCN can help to humanity vs other factors, not only tiberium.


While Idris was still an enemy to GDI, because both factions had different ways to reach their goals, like save our world, Idris always did everything wiht more radical methods. But GDI still understand, that because without corporation technologies, weapons and last researches they can't hold vs stronger enemies. Thats why they needed to use everything, that humanity had at that moment: Forgottens, old units, that used during Tiberian Sun, Firestorm and Tiberium Wars. In result, GDI uses heavy armored stuff, not that best infantry and time-tested technologies, that worked well and can work now too. And with Scrin invasion everyone allied with GDI, because that was only one chance to survive in that last fight with Overlord.


We already saw some conflicts between GDI generals and goverment:

- general granger and Raydmond Boyle: weaker anti-missile defence for Philadelphia, then ion-cannon use on Temple of Nod (that caused giant tiberium explosion and then Scrin invasion).

- Louise James vs Idris in C&C4. Louse thinks, that all those Kane's games are crazy and nothing good can be happend after that, when Idris defended Kane, main terrorist all over the world!!!, to save the world. Everyone understand, that it was very high risk, but seeing tiberium and how many time humanity had, before tiberium finally kills our planet.


We're playing as Legion, that doing 3 main functions: save the Kane at all cost, decode and describe information from Tacitus and destroy every enemy, that trying to kill Kane. First time Legion defending Kane from Foreman 371, one of Scrin traitors, that failed at his operation previously, because Supervisor wanted to know more about Kane and Foreman 371 haven't did that. Thats why Kane tried to create Legion, because only cyborg army can survive in extremal conditions, where human can't survive. Any general, any commander will not understand, what Kane want to do, only Legion is fully under control of messiah. Only Kane understands, that with Tacitus he's able to destroy scrin homeworld and their heart. Walking into other side of Scirn portal, Kane do not die. From that moment he understands, that his role is not over. After that he founds Legion, sent at the end of Kane's Wrath and starts to research Tacitus, using Legion.


Some time Kane and Legion was atacked by some forces of Scrin, staying on their homeworld, but when the important information about his mission is closer, and when he finds information about himself in Tacitus data bases, that Legion decoded, Idris invades Scrin homeworld... Kane was not predicted, that idris can recreate eye implants, using one of killed by Gideon guys.


Now it's a double game or double war: Overlord succefully invading our planet, Earth, extracting tiberium from TCN. Where at same time Idris fighting against Legion forces.




Tiberium saga ends without that many questions, like we had after C&C4. Many information and answers we will get from aditionally decoded Tacitus information, that can be turned into special missions, like defend Legion's core, while he decoding important technologies and information. When Kane destroys Scrin homeworld, their source of power and stregth, he dies with that final and real ascension. In other terms, Kane was an Earth keeper, he saw the future, that allows humanity use tiberium as powerfull resource, that had colossal bad effect - people wasn't able to be near tiberium, it slowly kills everything. Thats why Scrin wanted to grab it at all costs, because it's not only a resource, but a strong weapon too.


Kane slowly but surely went to his goal for the past several centuries. Only he understands, what need to do and what will be happend soon. He haven't predicted Idris invasion and a bit different result of using Scrin tower, but in both cases his experience allowed him be ready to those situations. Versus Idris Kane had Legion, and about "not fully ascension" he already known, because in Tacitus there was some undecoded information, that says about him after Scrin portal usage. But at that time Legion wasn't that perfect and haven't possible to decode more.


With Ascension scrin homeworld dies, Overlord dies at same time too. One-third of the Earth was not suitable for life, and tens of millions of people died, but mankind survived the last challenge. Using everything, that they had, like Atack Bikes, Disruptor tanks, old Mammoths Mk2, fast and upgraded air, using both, Orca and Venom technologies. Biggest part of tiberium was sent to Scrin homeworld, but this was before last Kane's real Ascension. After that Ascension everything stoped work, tiberium started reversed evolution, losing it power and energy potential. Scrin tower stoped work too, so idris was trapped at slowly dying Scrin homeworld planet with temporary turned off Legion.


Legion was shut down, because his main objective - defend Kane, was corrupted. Nothing to defend, so Legion is sorta-like sleeping now. What happend at scrin homeworld? Idris stolen Legion's core and started use him, or Idris slowly dies, no one knows, what happend with them. So it's will be an another story, that can be hidden or explained in expansion. But I think, it's not need, this ending can be similar to Yuri's Revenge, where we saw Yuri vs tiranosaurus, and fans was able to continue it, like Yuri taked under control that T-Rex or Yuri was dead...





Also, that scenario shows true nature if every race, especially moment, that humankind tried to survive, same, as Idris and Kane. But every race did it with different ways, and many time one of them haven't understand moves from other. Kane wanted to save our world too, but no one understands him, because it was a very big and complex plan, basing on Tacitus information and using alien technology.


GDI - fighters for survival, this time trying to ally with old Brotherhood and Forgotten Mutants, because it was only one chance to survive vs Overlord fullscale invasion. It can be a last battle... for humanity or for enemies.

Forgotten Mutants - when Scrin invaded to our planet, and when Overlord started extract tiberium from TCN, mutants had no chances to fight against Scrin. The only way to survive was ally with GDI.

Idris - they wanted to arrest Kane, and this tim they failed again. Yes, they wanted to save world, but firstly they wanted justice regarding Kane. They haven't cared about, what the cost was, how many people lost and dead, they did, what they wanted to do. Their best technologies aren't helped them at Scrin homeworld, tiberium started reverse evolution, losing it energy and resource potential, also, they haven't unlimited oxygen to survive at dying Scrin homeworld.

Brotherhood of Nod - they're dissapointed in Kane, he's dissapeared. Brotherhood thinks, that Kane is messiah and will lead mankind to a brigth future in harmony and balance with tiberium. Instead they lost everything, crazy Idris sent all their forces, ships and units to follow Kane and arrest him or kill, leaving humanity without last technologies and weapons to fight against Scrin. Brotherhood had no choice, they was able only to ally with GDI to fight against Scrin. Because they known, what will happend without a leader, when many forces turns Brotherhood into chaos, everytime with new leader, saying, that he's a true messiah and good leader. Aliance with GDi was the best, what they can do for now.

Legion - ideal war-machine, clever A.I., he's able to survive in extreme conditions. Thats why Kane needed him to finish his predestined prophecy.

Scrin - fearless and brutality of the Scrin Overlord could lead our planet to the death. Overlord wanted to harvest all tiberium at all costs, no matter, how many dies and will Earth be destroyed or not. But Overlord missed biggest danger for himself - Kane.





Playable races in multiplayer and some words about building/harvesting mechanics for every race:


I want to divide every of 3 races into 2 big subfactions, without having "vanila" faction. In result we have 6 factions, 3 pairs of them has some similar design, basic units and technologies, but 70% is different.



Steel Talons (they're GDI in campaign) - they're using old technologies from Tiberian Sun, Firestorm and Tiberium Wars. GDI uses old technologies of both factions - their and Brotherhood. After aliance with Brotherhood they're upgraded some of their technologies by using Nod flame & lazer weapons. For example GDI updated Orcas with small lazer, that can atack air and allowing to Orca defend itself. Flame Tanks now are in GDI arsenal, because GDi saw, how is good flame vs Scrins and buildings. They're updated pitbulls with better wheels and bigger ranged missiles, creating Pitbull MkII, that has better armor, better speed and bigger range of atack. Some old technologies are back, some old are upgraded. Mammoth Mk2 returned, it has heavy armor and able to upgrade flamers to fight against big numbers of infantry. Wolverines, titans are back too and are able to railguns (titans) and lazers (wolverines). GDI (or Steel Talons) have weaker infantry, but good vechicles with heavy armor and some old-school stuff.




Because crawler system was very expensive, they returned back to MCV building system, so GDI now are good defenders, unlike Idris, that has resources to use crawlers. But I'll say about Idris a bit later. GDI uses Spike-harvesting system, like in "Tiberium" FPS. They droping those spikes at underground tiberium fields, starting gathering it, fast, but less tiberium per one extracting operation. Their super weapons is Ion Cannon.


Idris - absolutely new technologies, expensive units, special infantry woth "Zone trooper" armor suits. Many old units are upgraded to be more mobile and stronger, but with less armor. For example, they're using Mastodont - smaller version of giant Mammoth mkII, he's faster and has longer range sound-artillery, that is effective against slow targets and buildings. Sonic tanks got better sound-wave, that is similar to EMP-tank from Firestorm. It can turn off enemy vechicles or use in 2x smaller radius sound wave to kill infantry around and heavily damage vechicles. Corporation uses very fast supersonic aircraft and bombers. Idris can remind us "GDI version of the Brotherhood", yes, they're close, but not that much. Super weapon - Neutron Cannon, it's similar with Ion Cannon, with one difference - it better kills tiberium, also kills every life in radius, saving vechicles and allowing Zone infantry to jump here and use those neutral tanks, that was enemy some seconds ago. Idris uses crawler-system. Harvesting is similar to C&C4 - Idris tiberium-lifter drops some crystalls, that are more clean and more valuable, than standart tiberium. So Corporation need to build drop zones and wait for tiberium drops, like in Generals USA had drop zones.



Legion - 2 cores, both are very unique and uses different technologies.

"Tacitus Core": - this half of "Legion's brain" uses best cybernetic and some last and never used Brotherhood technologies, also this core uses Tacitus technologies and weapons, like upgraded banshees, better stealth, more effective cyborgs, etc. Stealth requires less energy, and can hide in bigger radius. Cyborg Commandor can hax enemy vechicles, EMP them or steal. Avatars now can steal more weapons, and some from Scrin units too, also, now Avatar can use ability to move down to ground enemy air and steal weapon from air units too. In harvesting Legion uses small groups of tiny mechanical robots, that are air unit. They're very fast, but can transport less tiberium at one time. As super weapon Legion uses underground grinders (like in C&C4 one of support powers) and subterranean torpedos (like one of the Empire units from Perimeter game).


"Sleeping Devil": Kane nicely named that core, because he known, what happend during Firestorm war. Kane decided to save some old schemes and programms, that CABAL used, to make Legion more effective on the battlefield. But, CABAL, like any old operation system, was impossible to use with newer technologies. This core uses mostly old stuff, old cyborgs, like Reaper cyborg or with heavy anti-infantry gun, mobile stealth generators and old stealth generators, that was able to hide itself, but requiring more power to use them. Some technologies are from Brotherhood, like Hunter Seeker and laser walls. Also, Devil Tongues are updated to, they're chemical unit now instead of fire, because there are can't be fire on planet without oxygen. "Sleeping devil" uses Vipers and old Banshee. As super weapon this core uses chemical missile, like in TS & FS.



Scrin - 2 fleets, one of them we already know and fighted against during C&C3: Tiberium Wars.

Overlord - main, "king" fleet, they're leading invasion with Overlord as leader. This fleet uses powerfull ground forces, but they have no air and low harvesting options, because everything regarding harvesting is FOreman-371 main objective. But this fleet has some unique features. Overlord is an great specialist in world destruction, he destroys landscape and starts harvest tiberium. More tiberium harvested, slower harvesters are. Also, those harvesters has low armor, because Overlord isn't specialized on harvesting operations. Army isn't in big numbers, instead, he produces less units, that becomes stronger and slower, when consuming tiberium. So the main idea is "Less and stronger", but basic units are cheap to build. In result, half of harvesting is moved to units. Units, to become stronger, harvesting tiberium for themselfs. Building system is around building-addons to Drone platforms, like in Earth 2160 Lunar Corporation had. It makes average armor of base stronger and allows to easier defend bases, because units are slow.


Foreman 371 - this fleet specializes on hervesting and diversions, also on ion storms and veinhole creatures. Units aren't that strong, but Foreman 371 uses psychic technologies, taking enemy units and using them as he wants, or as Overlord wants. Harvesting process is totally different. Instead, he scans ground for tiberium and then sends signal about tiberium fields to Overlord, then he gets paid by the Overlord for finding the location of tiberium fields.




Foreman 371 uses totally different build systm. He uses zerg-morph system, buildings can be mutated from harvesters. In multiplayer harvesting process can be simplified, like "Harvester found tiberium location, some time expires, and then we getting some moneys from Overlord"

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Added alternate variant of 2nd campaign, and this time it's as rised up Brotherhood of Nod, instead Idris corporation. On the official forums I must agree, that Idris isn't that good for fighting separate faction, trying to defend Scrin tower and arest Kane.


Rised up Brotherhood of Nod looks better at that role:


- they're defending Scrin tower, like in canceled "Tiberium" FPS

- they're using Scrin tower and folowing Kane to arest him as traitor or kill him, if it will be not possible to bring him back to Earth

- they're better connecting C&C5 story with C&C4 story, where Gideon kills eye implant guys. In other word, this will be a continue of separatist line of Brotherhood of Nod

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No. More. Tiberium. Leave the story alone guys; it's dead. The work that went into this was good, but in the end, it's trying to resuscitate an abortion of a story.

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Guest Rabbit

RA1 Allied Soldier: "Agreed!"

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