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Patchnotes 09.03.2012

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Hey guys... here are the notes for todays patch


Patchnotes 09.03.2012

  • "Max 5 units in a row" limitation removed
  • Chrome browser now supported
  • WegGL rendering is now available via the options. It can significantly improve the frame rate on browsers which do not use hardware acceleration for html5. This mode is still experimental.
  • The maximum storage capacity for repair time can be increased by spending funds.


  • Tiberium and Crystal camps now on average drop the same amount of resources in total
  • Scrap Bus: reduced damage versus vehicles
  • Rocket Fist: reduced damage versus air
  • Buster: reduced damage versus infantry

See you ingame





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This is good. I sometimes had trouble killing a Scrapbus with its direct counter, the Predator :/

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