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C&C Tiberium renders

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I stumbled upon a load of detailed modelled renders of C&C Tiberium concept art: http://www.meantimep...icles_and_tech/

(there are items from other games in the directory as well, but it is mostly C&C)

Is it possible that this was commissioned 3rd party work? or a test with a view to getting work with EA?


Whatever, I found it very useful to have detailed 3d versions of various Tiberium concepts. I assume that people must know about this, but I am surprised that this artwork does not feature on any of the main C&C fansites galleries.

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Actually, it seems to be mostly Star Wars, and just a bit of C&C... :P


The main site refers to the project as "Command & Conquer X"



There's some video material of all those nice models in action in his demo reel, too:


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I did not even check out the demo reel! some nice action :)


I should have been more specific, only the 'vehicles_and_tech' directory is mostly C&C X.

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Wow, the GDI sam site is just so overkill. So many missiles. :drool:

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