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4 gigahertz CPUs?

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Well neither Intel nor any other CPU manufacturer has attempted to clock a CPU (regardless of number of cores) at exactly 4.0 ghz or over without the use of overclocking. Well AMD has broke this barrier (not long ago) ever since Intel successfully attempted a Pentium 4 CPU running at 3.8 ghz more than several years ago. At least when speed and energy efficiency is key, AMD has done it, but they lack the performance for their fast CPUs to overpower all leading Core i7s (the Sandy and Ivy Bridges) that Intel had done.


Examples: FX-4170 (quad-core @ 4.2 ghz), FX-4320 (quad-core @ 4.0 ghz) and FX-8350 (octa-core @ 4.0 ghz).


Question is now, when will Intel ever get to a CPU chip to run and clock at exactly 4 ghz without overclocking?

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