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This game is all about Command and Conquer: Red Alert suited in an FPS environment running on the Renegade W3D Engine.

We will work out all units, buildings and assets as much as we can to make it ejoyable and fun for everyone.


Play with the technician as your spawn character in the buildings of the Red Alert universe where you can purchase more advanced units after your first Ore Truck deposit.

On our server suitable for 50 players work as a team and organize rushes, through tactics and lead your team to victory with a broad range of units such as the Allied Light Tank, Allied Medium Tank, Soviet V2, Soviet Heavy Tank and the Soviet Mammoth Tank.

Also available are the Demolition Trucks and the Superweapon Atomic Bombs for those big explosions getting rid of any enemy unit or structure in a blast.


The game will have dynamics such as 'tied to structure purchase options' meaning you lose purchase items as buildings are destroyed, and of course the always fun 'manual ore harvesting' we all love to do.

Choose your character, drive, fly or glide your vehicle/aircraft/boat and conquer your enemy Red Alert style :)


Thanks for reading! :)


//Greetz MPF RA:FPS Dev Team

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Guest Rabbit

I'm a little confused. What sets this apart from APB?


I mean, don't get me wrong, you may have a different vision and all, but as the "consumer," if I want to play a FPS version of Red Alert on the Renegade W3D engine as a standalone game, then there's already A Path Beyond, which is obviously years ahead of this project.


I feel like this is probably the first case I've seen a mod in this community where it was already done as fully as it possibly could be, and yet a second one is suddenly showing up claiming to have the exact same features, so I guess what I'm getting at is basically this: What's the point?


I mean, come on, you're describing certain features as if they're supposed to surprise us, like we're not already thinking "oh yeah, just like A Path Beyond."

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We like Red Alert & Renegade, APB does not satisfy us in its gameplay at all.

Weird 'tech level system', big maps, fps lag, low player counts because of it.


We think we can make something nice, eventhough something simular already exists.

We're not gonna make maps where it takes 5 minutes to get from A to B and will attempt to make them look alright while still preserving a good and steady FPS.


Our aim is to stay as true to Red Alert as possible.

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Guest Stevie_K

What are your argumentation for using the Renegade W3D Engine as opposed to the many other engines out there?

I ask because I fear that time have taken it's toll on that engine and that many potential players might skip if they aren't presented with something truly extraordinary.


I know close to nothing about the engine and what it's really capable of, but my impression is that it's outdated and have been for a long time.

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