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Command & Conquer NDA Lifted

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Earlier today, an announcement on the official Command & Conquer forums was made, stating that the Non-Disclosement Agreement (NDA), which prevented leaking of any information regarding the game, save for explicitly permitted aspects, has been lifted! It is now safe to talk about literally anything about the game without fear.




The NDA has been officially removed! Feel free to talk about the game outside of this closed Alpha forum. But keep in mind that the game is still in Alpha, meaning that we have many more features and improvements coming based on your feedback.


In other news, French and Russian localizations have been completed and two new generals, GLA Engineer and APA Espionage, have been announced to arrive later this year. Alright, generals, many of us still do not have access to the game, so let it rip!

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I am glad the NDA has been lifted. I'll bet there are hundreds of questions still left unanswered for this game.

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