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Has anyone attempted to open a CAS or FB2 file?

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Most of the core data of the cancelled F2P game are in a "cas_01.cas" and "cas_02.cas" files. The other file "bom.fb2" is either an e-book file or a Frostbite 2 format type of file that probably has no other program that can be opened.



FB2: http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/fb2

CAS: http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/cas

CAS: http://www.openthefile.com/ext/cas/1120

How to open CAS files using 3Dsmax 9: http://medieval2.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=28


I highly doubt that CAS will be opened in 3Dsmax9 with a CAS plug-in or even in AutoCAD 2014.

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Guest Stevie_K

What is it you want to do with this content?

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Well AZ-Stalker was wanting to know if I could able to extract the contents from the CAS files.... you know, for research purposes.

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Getting to see all the artwork and media embeded in the game files would surely benefit the community as well as the C&C Wiki. The new C&C could fade away over time without support and we all know that EA doesn't care much about past assets, which they could very well lose over time. So why not try and salvage what we can?

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Unfortunately, I tried opening the CAS files using the plug-in for 3Dsmax 9 and they wind up hanging. I gave up on that attempt.

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