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CNCNZ.com Status Update

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So as you may have noticed news coverage has slowed down somewhat, especially since the cancellation of Command & Conquer last month. While you may not see it right now, we have actually been working behind the scenes rebuilding CNCNZ.com. Many months have been spent in recent times testing things, and now that we have a system in place, we have begun the long process of transferring all of our content and features over to a new and vastly improved site. It takes awhile to move, rebuild and recode 15+ years of website content.


I can tell you all now that when our new and improved sites launches things will be a bit different, content will have moved, links will have to be updated. But I'm pleased to say we have retained our traditional blue colour scheme. As you see above, even the logo has remained the same. Our new site will be fully database driven and search-able. And it doesn't matter if you view it via your web browser, iPad or even your iPhone/Smartphone, because the new design is 100% responsive. Meaning it will display great on any device. We are unable to put a date on the relaunch of the site right now though.

Just because things look little behind in terms of news, we can reassure you that we have not given up. While the future of Command & Conquer franchise remains a mystery, CNCNZ.com will still be here.

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Great news to hear, Sonic. :thumbsup:


Question, when you mean by moving the site, does it mean you are transferring to another host/domain site for a cheaper price? It had been suggested before.

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Yeah Banshee is on the right track there. To summarise what's happening. Its a long overdue change and code update of the main site. Its like moving the furniture out of the room, redecorating and moving everything back in. Only links to content will be much cleaner. Not exactly like Banshee's example. Something like http://www.cncnz.com/features/command-conquer-legos/ or for game sections it would be http://www.cncnz.com/games/red-alert-3-uprising/. Kind of like the URLs you see on the forums.


More explained here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_URL


Clean URLs, RESTful URLs, user-friendly URLs or SEO-friendly URLs are purely structural URLs that do not contain a query string [e.g., action=delete&id=91] and instead contain only the path of the resource (after the scheme [e.g., http] and the authority [e.g., example.org]). This is often done for aesthetic, usability, or search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.[1] Other reasons for designing a clean URL structure for a website or web service include ensuring that individual web resources remain under the same URL for years, which makes the World Wide Web a more stable and useful system,[2] and to make them memorable, logical, easy to type, human-centric, and long-lived.

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Really cool stuff Sonic. Still mucking around with design and all that, eh? Glad to hear the blue is sticking, it looks really good and will always be CNCNZ to me. I still lurk a lot and point people to this site for downloads and information, so I'm glad when I saw CNCNZ Update, it wasn't anything tragic.

Looking forward to seeing what it looks like once it's rolled out!

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Still the site I go to for my C&C news...thanks for doing this all these years Sonic, you and the staff's effort is very much appreciated.


@TSBO - that sig, quite a blast from the past. Hope you're doing well man.

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