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Nod 13EB Bug & Rev3 Ending Video Bug

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Couples issues I recently noticed:


On the Final NOD map 13EB, sometimes there will be a raft with 5 soldiers stuck at the bottom right base. You are unable to kill the soldiers even if you manually target the raft. Westwood bug as far as I can tell.


Also had the issue of the mouse cursor randomly stop working. Both during the game and after beating the final NOD mission and returning to the main menu. I know this was reported before but I don't recall ever having this issue on Rev2.


Finally, after beating the game the audio works for all of the movies but there is no video. I didn't have this issue with Rev2 that I can recall.

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There was an error in the latest release that the option "SingleCPU" in ddraw.ini was incorrectly activated, which seems to have some odd effects on some computers. I have since fixed the error, but if you downloaded it just a week or two ago, you might have that version. You can either edit the ini file to disable it, or simply delete ddraw.ini and then start the CCConfig tool and press OK on it to rewrite it correctly.

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I know I told you about that issue :) These are additional problems I've found.

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Ugh, I'm crap at remembering names so I recognize people by avatar. And you don't have one :P


Anyway, for the mouse/videos thing, that seems like one and the same issue to me, and it's probably cnc-ddraw related... try tweaking the options in the config tool. There's one mouse speed adjusting options; maybe that changes something. Also try how it reacts without cnc-ddraw.


As for the mission bug... is it consistent, or at least reproducible in certain conditions?

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