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3 sides in ts?

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when I made a mod to add a side to ts I added every thing other sides had but when I started with my new side, it showed a big fat lot of NOTHING! Except the menubars and combat screen, (which was all shrouded) nothing. can someone help me out? :cry:

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are you using Sun Edit 2K? if yes then remember to set the ownerships of the units that mutants (or whatever the 3rd side is) are going to use to include the new side as well. ie, there are four checkboxes gdi nod mutant and civilian, so check the first three. or you could try cloning units and doing the same. and as for structures, all the prerequisites need to be set and factory types set as well. i hope you have spare time :D


if no, then sorry i cant help

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never mind this thread anymore.

I found an awesome walkthrough.

I finished my side.

It works.

I rule! :king:

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