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The Dragon Awakes

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Hey, folks!
I just completed a project with Zero Hour called The Dragon Awakes,

its a short film about China declaring war on the United States for being unable to repay

their massive amount of debt.


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Looks like a lot of work went into this, but since I am heartless, I will point out all the issues I had with it - only some of which is constructive criticism.


Logic issues:

  • The US being unable to pay shows a lack of understanding on how the US national debt works. Refusing to pay for some reason might have been a better premise.
  • Starting on the west coast of the US and marching east is a terrible strategy.
  • Why would NATO wait until China controls half of the US before holding a vote?
Story issues:
  • This is 99% tanks blowing stuff up and 1% explaining what's going on.
  • What occurs in battle doesn't always seem consistent with the changes to the map.
  • Col. Burton apparently turns traitor to his country because... Black Lotus happens to be female? No further story develops. A Chekhov's Gun moment.
  • Where did the GLA suddenly come from? Why are they there? Who are they even attacking?
Directorial issues:
  • Inconsistent voice clips from wrong factions sounds weird and adds to making the story more confusing.
  • Really close zooms showcasing the dated graphics. Know when holding the camera back farther would look better.
  • Long sequence slowly circling a nuclear explosion... repeated. Doing the exact same thing is boring.
  • Missing sound effects (plane ~11:08-11:15, plane & missile ~18:20-18:43).

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