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Everything Wrong with EA in 5 min or less

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First Cinema Sins and Music Video Sins, and now from the creators of Cinema Sins comes Brand Sins.


Rather than posting this in "Video of the Day", I decided to post it here in a new thread. Oh, let the conspiracies continue.....


I have seen and heard videos of **** involving EA in years, until this new video came along, but some things were critically missing including C&C! I give +10 sin points for EA killing C&C and Westwood.



I decided not to post this in the official C&C forums for one reason though (it'll get locked by a moderator anyway).

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Eh, I thought the video was kinda bland. :|

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IT didn't even mention the Westwood/Bullfrog/Maxis Tactic - buying successful companies for their franchises and then tearing them apart -_-

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