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I'm converting PCX file to SHP file in XCC Mixer. But the image is distorted in the game.


Can you tell us step by step? How do I put this image in a way into the game smoothly? I did everything smoothly. I just stayed in this section.


This is my PNG file.



This is in game view...



Thank you in advance for your help...

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I prepared the shp file using this path.
















Then I'm going to the game.

However, it looks this image distorted in the game. Please help...

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If you saved the SHP with the right palette applied, make sure the palette file is with your SHP. If it's not there, it will load the default PAL file, which would probably be out of order.

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Hey where did you get that PNGtoSHP 1.3 tool?


Also anyone know why extracting the vanilla loading screens come with acid texture?

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