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Ive playing a modified version of TS for a while now and I seem to have developed an issue with amphibious apc's going in water. every time they touch the water, my game will instantly crash. like most people I have messed around with the rules.ini file but the only thing ive done to the APC is a jump cannon weapon to it. anyone know if this could be causing the crash or where I can find another copy of the original rules.ini file to compare mine to? any help is appreciated. Heres is a typed out copy of my apc as it appears in the rules.ini file


name=Amphibious APC

Primary=JumpCannon (my change)

Prerequisite=GAWEP, BARRACKS


















the rest of the things for it I know I haven't messed with. anyways if anyone could help I would appreciate it.






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Did you try taking the weapon back off and testing it? If it doesn't crash, that'd pretty much answer your question...

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Hmm... well here's the default ini.


You really shouldn't mod without have an extra copy of the default ini files stashed somewhere.


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