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Tiberian Origins - 20 Years of Command & Conquer

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2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the original and classic Command & Conquer, released by Westwood Studios in 1995. With that in mind, Tom Bennet has informed me about a special article that he has written. It looks back the past 20 years of Command & Conquer and Red Alert. Tiberian Origins: 20 Years of Command & Conquer, is a well written article, loaded with lots of Command & Conquer charm and featuring fresh insight from former Westwood developers Frank Klepacki, Eric Gooch, and Joe Bostic. Tom actually got in contact with Frank, Eric and Joe to get their thoughts on the early days of the franchise. There is even a cool interactive Command & Conquer time line towards the end. Here's a small sample....




The original Command & Conquer, a sci-fi classic affectionately dubbed Tiberian Dawn by fans, actually began life as a fantasy game complete with wizards and warriors. Following on from the remarkable success of Dune II, Westwood Studios sought to refine their popular RTS formula with Command & Conjure, a high-fantasy strategy epic which began development in early 1993.


The move over to a more realistic setting came at the behest of Westwood co-founder Brett Sperry, who felt strongly that the political climate of the mid–1990s - particularly the First Gulf War - would make a modern setting more accessible. “At the time,” explains fellow co-founder Louis Castle to CVG, “[brett] felt that the next wars wouldn’t be fought nation-to-nation, but fought between Western society and a kind of anarchistic terror organisation without a centralised government.” This remarkably prescient view led to the birth of C&C’s now-famous parallel universe.


Populating this new fictional world proved more challenging than simply licensing an existing property, as the team had done with Dune II. The writers invented a supranational organisation called the Global Defence Initiative (GDI), and pitted them against the Brotherhood of Nod, a cultish militant society spread throughout the world.


Follow this link to read the article. Make sure you scroll the page to start reading.

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Great read. Sadly nothing new in the game pipeline to celebrate 20 years.

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Huh. I somehow get credited by name, despite signing all my C&C projects with just "Nyerguds" xD

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