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  1. Well, I suppose it has been an easier job the past few years, given the lack of games. So much for the second decade of C&C... lets see what the third holds. RA3 is 7 years old today as well. Keep up the good work guys, not many C&C sites left these days.
  2. Happy 20th C&C fans. So many great memories. I wonder if (m)any of the old Westwood staff know about today, probably not, but they should be proud.
  3. "We simply didn't anticipate the level of hostility we've seen from BHP." I think you did... (and if you are wondering I have only shown three people these, two of them CNCNZ staff (Sonic & Banshee) when they were inquiring about the ethical nature of the database theft during the debate on these forums last week, OWA or yourself can talk to me if you wish to discuss releasing these to the community to clear things up) Sounds like a plan.
  4. Great read. Sadly nothing new in the game pipeline to celebrate 20 years.
  5. This is neat, I've been dabbling with mapmaking for Grey Goo, actually making some RA1 maps so this tool would actually be useful to play around with landscapes. Neat.
  6. drunkill

    W3D Hub Launched

    Chronojam was in charge of RA/APB back when BHP was founded, it was Crimson that owned the domain name and redirected www.apathbeyond.com to Aircraftkillers portfolio website. This is a different matter. This is stealing a database instead of creating new forums from scratch and importing some certain topics or subforums if required, which no doubt would have been done willingly if there was a discussion about the split, instead of a cloak and dagger operation. Specially waiting for nighttime in Australia so the BHP webmaster would be asleep. I have seen the posts of the discussions of how all this was to happen on the W3D staff forums, don't try to justify your actions which you knew were childish and wrong.
  7. drunkill

    Addressing the Generals 2 Rumours

    Considering Victory Games is a new studio they might be changing the name to bring it under the Bioware brand before release. Bioware isn't just the old stupid who made KOTOR/Mass Effect 1, it's now several teams as well as several studios. I could see EA rebranding victory games early (because they have a title to thier name) This could be it.
  8. drunkill

    CNC Fallout - Prelude to Conflict Video

    Hahaha, Channel 9 news intro, damn that's old. Also, they'd land in Darwin and that half of the top end, larger military bases in the area and a port for a beachhead, then deal with the east coast up cape york/townsville airbases and the eastern seaboard. Still, pretty cool menu video.
  9. We've got this image too, if you want to replace the one in the news post. A little bit more informative. But it's fine if you don't. Thanks for the shoutout guys. CNCNZ is great.
  10. drunkill

    CNCNZ.com Celebrates It's 13th Year

    Happy belated 13th birthday!
  11. Yeah, this looks like it could be quite interesting. If only DICE made a C&C game after battlefield 3. Ahh. I can always dream
  12. Maybe so, but it's still fun to play and quite popular. We have pushed the limits of the engine quite a bit (with the help of Tiberian Technologies using scripts 4.0) and our assets have much more detail then stock renegade does. There have been numerous talks of engine changes, but the fact is, most of us developers don't have super awesome computers, so half of us wouldn't be able to start working on something such as UT3. And then it would take quite some time importing assets or remaking assets to the new engine. Let alone coding the same style of gameplay. Sure, we could do something with Renegade X with the new engines. But we find a lot of our playerbase also has low-spec computers and enjoy being able to run this on almost anything. Anyway, perhaps in the future it will change, who knows.
  13. We've got our new release out the door after quite a long time testing and tweaking gameplay. http://www.apathbeyond.com/ Head to this thread on our forums for changelists, download mirrors and other details: http://www.apathbeyond.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=22423 So download the new version, jump on a server and lets crush those capatalists!
  14. Happy Birthday!