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Good day to you all. Recently i have been recording all of my in-game footage of RenegadeX and upload to youtube on a frequent basis so here's a few clips of the enjoyment in-game.


My Custom Intro for all new videos



Does Arnold Schwarzenegger play Renx ? (39secs in)


Are GDI really this oblivious?


How not to drive an mrl


1 attack 3 buildings GG


I have other videos on my channel so feel free to check them out. =)


also check out Dynomites channel aswell for some footage @ https://www.youtube....SZfmhCFjMFxjkqA

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Some cool videos. I like the last one with all the nukes :thumbsup:

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Yeah best thing about the last clip was me/glacious/dyno were just dicking around and decided to go for all 3, getting criticized for nuking barr early lol..but turns out it worked. game ended very shortly after that.

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Love the SBH-ish intro sequence, but it's too long for my taste. A faster version would work better due to the fact that most people who follow your videos will eventually get annoyed by the 20 second intro, having seen it many times already. Also, I really lol'd at the MRLS driver video. Love that you're taking the time to capture moments like that - keep it up! It's all just good promotion for RenX as well!

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