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Who's using the Torch browser?

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Beware, IE/Edge, Firefox and Chrome users, a new browser may be on the uprising. However since Torch is a free cloned and modified version of Chrome, there isn't an official portable version of it yet except the illegal ones that might come with virus/spyware, etc. The latest version of it is version 42.


Download online installer: http://www.torchbrowser.com/

There is an offline installer but most of them appears to be outdated until I tried this: http://download.cdn.torchbrowser.com/cdn/r/50/TorchSetupFull-r50-n-bf.exe


I've never heard of this hybrid browser before until I discovered this while playing Tiberium Alliances with a player suggesting to use that browser along with its TA user scripts. I am willing to give it a try.


All I know this may contain almost every feature from Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and probably Edge, plus some new features such as a built-in media player, a media grabber, torrent grabber and downloader (which I assume it may not be safe to use even for some users going after pirated programs, etc.), a download accelerator, a Torch music website, a Torch gaming website and Torch facelift.


Just wondering, who's tried this browser?

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Firefox for me.


It's got all my addons. :nod:

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I'm fine with my FF/Chrome.

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