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Is the Asus P5Q SE compatible with UEFI?

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It's possible for me to format one of my two partitions in my 1 TB HD from a NTFS to a UEFI. But I am just wondering if my motherboard is UEFI compatible because I would like to install Windows 10 on a UEFI partition but then I need a USB flash drive stick with FAT32 format in it for installation that can work on a UEFI with GPT. Normal DVD discs won't install because they are NTFS format.


Another question to UEFI partitions, can optical media be read such as a LG 16x Blu-ray writer or any DVD writer?

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I think you are confusing a bunch of things here.

  • UEFI is not a filesystem, it is a BIOS replacement.
  • NTFS is a filesystem.
  • GPT is a partition table like the older MBR.
  • DVD's do not use NTFS, but UDF.

Now the P5Q SE is a LGA775 motherboard. It has a normal BIOS, not a UEFI.

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