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Back in the old days when I played RA2 online, every now and again I would come across these special maps that spawned crates in a specific manner. It seemed that for every crate that was grabbed, two more spawned in its place. Some maps even included hidden cameos to appear at random when crates were taken.


I've been trying to find these crazy maps but haven't had any luck. Google doesn't seem to be very helpful in finding these maps as I have tried a number of reputable sources, all which gave me everything except for what I've been seeking. It's kind of frustrating actually.


So I have a few questions:


1. Do these maps have a certain name or game type that would help me in find them in search engines?

2. I know how to use Final Alert 2. Do I need any other special tools or knowledge in order to build maps of my own that resemble these masterpieces?

3. Does anyone know where I can find these maps if they still exist?


Thanks for the help!


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I'm not sure what you mean by "hidden cameos", but the number of crates per map can be changed very easily.


By default, under [CrateRules], there is CrateMinimum=1, but you can change that to CrateMinimum=8 or CrateMinimum=20 or CrateMinimum=255 depending on just how extreme you want it (don't go over 255 though).


This setting can be added to maps by opening them in a text editor. Or if you want to use FinalAlert2, just open "INI editing", add a new section called "CrateRules", then under that section, add the key "CrateMinimum" and fill in the value with however many crates you want to exist on the map at all times.

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im well aware of the ini editing too. but it seems as if there were maps that were modded (im guessing with some kind of script) where when the game started, there would be one or two crates on the map. lets say there was two to start. when each crate was taken theyd each be replaced with two crates. so now thered be four crates. from here, the amount of crates appearing on the map becomes exponential. 2 4 8 16 32 64 etc.


there is however a limit to how many crates can exist on a board at one time, i think its 255. correct me if im wrong.


if anyone remembers these maps, please let me know.


cameo examples: the howitzer tank, subterranean vehicle (PIG), light tank, mammoth tank from Red Alert, etc

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I guess I never saw one of those maps. I'm not sure how something like that would be done either.

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