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PC Gamer's 50 best free PC Games

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Even C&C Tiberian Sun made the list at #3! http://www.pcgamer.com/the-50-best-free-pc-games


Unfortunately, IDK what the PC Gamer editors are thinking.... wasn't C&C Red Alert the best rated and most popular C&C game of all time that it became freeware (and they had several articles relating to it), and not to mention Iran's Portable RA, which is the best portable C&C game ever created to date. And besides, C&C Red Alert's 20th anniversary is coming this Halloween 2016 and they probably forgot all about it. I thought instead of Tiberian Sun, C&C Red Alert should be at the #3 spot. As for Black Mesa, if it is a free indie game and not a mod, it would have been considered as the best free-to-play game of all time.


As honorable mention, these games should be in the top 50 list:

1) Renegade-X

2) Mech Commander

3) Warzone 2100

4) C&C95 or C&C Red Alert

5) Project Reality


As with that best 50 free games, those have also been added to the Ultimate Free-to-play PC Games list.

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OpenRA is more of a mod than an indie game. If OpenRA had been a full game with all classic C&C content, the download would have been huge.

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